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Electrify Your Brain to Boost Your Body (August 2020) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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Let's Talk About Brain Health

Your brain needs a lot of energy to function and 80 billion neurons each produce 70 millivolts of bio-electrical energy. This creates 14 million volts of electrostatic potential across the neuronal membrane - four times more than the electrical force-producing lightning during a storm. Let's talk about brain health - and how to electrify your brain to boost your body.

Electrical Evolution

The brain is 2% of our body weight but uses 20% of our energy. Even when we sleep the brain is active, co-ordinating trillions of cells and biological processes. Neurons continuously transmit and process information using electrical signals, generated by a flow of potassium and sodium ions.

The brain has two types of neuronal tissue, white matter, and grey matter. Grey matter needs more energy and forms our 'human' thinking brain (neo-cortex). Shortages in bio-electricity impact these power-hungry 'executive' brain functions, making it hard to think clearly and driving primal fear-based reactions, and instant gratification. This is why it's so important to take care of your brain health.

Energy Deficits

The evolution of grey matter helped us think faster, but it was at the expense of energy storage. So, we either maintain a steady flow of nutrients to meet energy demands, or the brain is 'forced' to prioritize needs. Imagine a reduced power supply in your home: you can either have the lights on OR vacuum the house, but not both - how many days cleaning in the dark before things get messy?

  • Focus: attention requires energy, to suppress distracting thoughts and external stimuli.
  • Cognition: energetic shortfalls create mental blocks, anxiety, confusion, and indecisiveness.
  • Mood: feeling motivation, desire or joy needs neurotransmitters, which require energy.
  • Memory: remembering is a high-energy task; age-related memory decline is energetic.
  • Lethargy: the body reduces unnecessary tasks, including your ability to stay awake.
  • Immune: inflammation and energetic-stress reduce regenerative functions.
  • Weight-gain: desperate for energy; appetite increases to shore-up the energetic gap.

Accumulating Issues

Missing minerals, inflammation, and accumulated toxicity reduce bio-electrical energy with wide-ranging effects. Unlike appliances, we can't plug the brain in when it needs more electricity. So how can you electrify your brain?

Prolonged energy deficits reduce the brain's ability to clear waste, neutralize oxidation, and replenish nutrients.

Accumulating toxicity and impaired immune function makes the brain degenerate faster than it can be repaired. Parkinson's, dementia and Alzheimer's are labels for the symptoms of chronic degeneration and damage, seen in older adults. In children, the labels of ADD, ADHD, and Autism are also linked with energy-shortages limiting the brain's ability to function and develop.

Enhancing Energy

To create a constant flow of bio-electricity the body needs to be clean, rested, active, and nourished. Dr. Sebi said, "the human body, to begin with, is electrical, and needs electric substances to electrify it."

  • Eat Well: food on Dr. Sebi's Nutritional Guide is alkaline with electrifying minerals.
  • Eat Light: digestion takes energy; juices and smoothies are much easy to digest.
  • Drink Lots: spring water washes out waste, and keeps nutrition flowing, drink often.
  • Rest Well: sleep refreshes the whole body, cleans the waste, and resets the brain.
  • Stay Active: movement is critical to generating energy, we produce what is needed.
  • Play Games: board games, mental challenges and mind puzzles exercise the grey matter.
  • Get Excited: when life is dull the mind naturally slows and powers-down, find some fun.
  • Visit Nature: refresh with negative ions and green vistas, plus time away from EMF pollution.
  • Take Herbs: Dr. Sebi said, "herbs have a tendency to go straight to the brain, electrifying the system."
  • Feed Your Head

Dr. Sebi's Banju was formulated to support brain health and bio-electrical communication. Supporting mental function and reducing anxiety this powerful formula replenishes electrifying minerals and reduces neurological inflammation.

Support brain health to prevent oxidative damage, enhance neurological energy metabolism, and improve cognitive functions. Relieve stress and tension while restoring emotional balance and see remarkable and rapid improvements in physical and mental health for the whole family.

  • "Banju brought my 19 yr old son back from a bipolar diagnosis and has made my dementia diagnosis grandmother to as normal as she can be." - Belinda Cozier Fingal
  • "This product has really helped my son's ADHD symptoms…he's calmer, more aware, and sleeps better than he ever has." - Sophia Robinson
  • "My 10yr old daughter takes this regularly to help with ADD and it works amazing! We saw results the first day she took it." - yerizep
  • "Giving this to my 10yr old daughter since she was diagnosed with ADD last year….within the first 3 days of taking BANJU, I along with her teachers have noticed a huge improvement." - robyn613
  • "This amazing product helped to cure me of epilepsy, I've been able to reclaim my life." - Siren Lewis
  • "I began to sleep perfectly. I too suffer from anxiety and this product helped. I'm still sleeping great. Seemed to reset my sleep clock." - Christopher Wood
  • "I used this while studying for my LSAT and it allowed me to truly focus! My daughter is 11 years old and on the "spectrum" but after using this she has shown major improvement!" - Ahmed Ali El
  • "This stuff works! My twin boys (13) were having trouble focusing in school. After giving them the Banju, their grades instantly went up." - mesahfelix

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