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Enhance Your Immunity And Prevent Infection – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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Dear community, 

There is a public health emergency of international concern. Keep reading to find out how can you enhance your immunity and prevent infection.

Your health and wellbeing is and will always remain our number one priority. Fortunately, your body can prevent infections and fight off colds, flus, and viruses. If you take care of your nutrition and mindset, while practicing habits that maintain health, your immune system will take care of you.

Compromised Immunity


The immune system is damaged by toxins that increase susceptibility to infection. Acidification, from non-natural foods, exacerbate issues and coupled with mineral-malnutrition significantly diminish our ability to heal.

Additionally, when under stress, or in fear, the body releases hormones signaling immediate danger. Consequently, the immune system reduces activity to preserve energy. This down-regulation jeopardizes our defenses against invading viruses and pathogens.

Luckily, when immune suppressants are eliminated, and nutrition is enhanced, the immune can keep external threats away. Dr. Sebi said, "If the human body was meant to be open, it would have a zipper on it."The naturally powerful and defensive immune system creates a protective shield supporting your wellbeing in the face of threats. By supporting the immune system, and nourishing your cells, it's possible to prevent sickness and boost your immune system.

Consciously Careful

An optimal immune system will prevent infection entirely or ensure you recover rapidly. Provided we take some simple precautions we can also prevent sickness and boost your immune system.

  • Clean (slowly and mindfully wash your hands with soap and wipe surfaces with detergent).
  • Control (avoid unnecessary gatherings and crowds).
  • Contain (catch sneezes in tissues and avoid touching hands or mouths to reduce transmission).
  • Community (support the elderly or children whose immune systems are less enabled).
  • Calm (reduce your stress, relax and don't be afraid, trust your body to heal naturally).
  • Care (look after your nutrition and mental wellness, plan how to maintain health).

Enhancing Immunity

Give the immune system what it needs to enhance your immunity and prevent infection. In addition to fighting off invaders, your immune system cleanses, purifies and rejuvenates every single night and day.

  • Detoxification (reduce your plastic, pesticide and toxin exposure, chelate heavy metals).
  • Purification (stay hydrated with spring water and get enough iron to maintain your blood).
  • Restoration (take rest and get sufficient sleep).
  • Nutrition (eat alkaline foods and nourish your cells with nature's gifts to health).

Plant Power

Our instinctive enjoyment of flavors and colors comes from our co-evolution with nature and eating these varieties of plants in their natural form is how we enhance our health. Mother Nature provides flavorful first-aid for wellbeing. Eat these foods in order to enhance Your immunity and prevent infection:

  • Apples and mangos disarm free radicals doing us harm.
  • Berries (all types, except cranberries) modulate immunity and inhibit viral replication.
  • Cherries and (seeded) grapes escort heavy metals out of the body.
  • Grapes (seeded) and raisins protect DNA from damage.
  • Mushrooms (all types, except shiitake) enhance anti-viral interferon production.
  • Onions protect us from cancer and toxins.
  • Seaweed enhances the production of red blood cells.
  • Sesame supports sex-hormone regulation.
  • Watercress contains antioxidants combating disease.

Evidence is growing that plants harmonize health and they have successfully contained previous pandemics.

Herbs and minerals have an affinity with both the earth and your biology. Iron is the most abundant element (by mass) on Earth, and critical for your blood and immunity. Your blood delivers essential oxygen and vital nutrition to every single cell and removes the toxins. In the US a worrying 9% of toddlers are deficient in iron and 7% of adults are severely deficient and anemic.

The burdock plant knows how to reach its roots deep into the earth to claim the iron it needs. Maybe the abundant growth of burdock in Africa and America is nature hinting that we need it too? Disease cannot exist in an iron-rich body nourished by plants, and Dr. Sebi proved this!

Elderberry is another ancient immune-supporting plant. Packed with antioxidants, and phytochemicals this plant strengthens the immune system and is a natural expectorant clearing mucus from the lungs. 

Elderberry was used during the 1995 Panama Flu Pandemic to treat multiple strains of influenza, reduce fever and dramatically improve recovery time. 

Additional Help

Dr. Sebi developed powerful botanical formula to help overcome challenges to wellness:  

  • Bromide Plus is a powerful multimineral capable of strengthening the respiratory system and provide immune support.
  • Dr. Sebi's Iron Plus combines five more potent healing herbs with the powerful elderberry creating an iron-rich antioxidant that purifies and energizes your entire body.
  • Dr. Sebi's Bio Ferro Tonic and Bio Ferro Capsules combine the iron in burdock, one of its main ingredients, with exactly the right formulation of life-giving herbs to nourish and purify your blood, while boosting your immunity.

Nature has been keeping viruses and pathogens in check for millennia, and by topping up critical nutrients we empower our own protection. Take action to defend yourself against viruses, pathogens and immune toxins with botanicals and nutrition proven to help your health. Relax, rest and trust nature.

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