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From Self-Love to Shared Love: How to Spread Compassion

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Love is a powerful emotion that can be life-changing for both the giver and the receiver. Research into the psychology of music discovered that ever since the 1960’s about 67% of song lyrics were about love!

Love is much more than a warm fuzzy feeling, it’s a physiological state of being that has profound health implications. This article explores how you can be more kind and loving toward others.

So, let’s get all loved up together and start with some of the profound benefits of love.

Benefits of Sharing Love

The perks of love extend well beyond your significant other. Close relationships with parents, friends, colleagues, and your community all benefit your health. Feeling connected, respected, and valued are all aspects of love that have been proven to enhance wellness.

Here are a few benefits you can expect:

  • Less visits to the doctor, and shorter hospital stays.
  • Less depression, and lower rates of substance abuse.
  • Lower blood pressure, and enhanced cardiovascular health.
  • Less anxiety, enhanced dopamine, and greater pain tolerance.
  • Improved ability to manage stress and cope with difficulties.
  • Better immune functions, so less prone to sickness after viral exposure.
  • Faster healing from wounds or infections, and longer life expectancy.
  • Enhanced positive emotions, more happiness, and better quality of life.

That’s a pretty profound list of benefits, there aren’t many other things in life that are so monumentally good for you! Love improves your life much more than money ever could.

You could have all the money in the world and if you do not have peace, then acquiring money is of no avail. But if there is peace, man, money could come later.” - Dr. Sebi


Simple Ways of Sharing Love

There are many ways to show you love and care, methods that won’t cost you a cent!


You never know how far your smile will go in brightening a person’s day. The world becomes a little brighter when you smile at a stranger. And it’s absolutely free.

Smiling is perhaps the easiest way to spread love and positivity. All you have to do is move some muscles in your face. Smiling can make someone feel valued and has a positive impact on your own mood. Smiling also actively reduces stress, which is something we all need.

Research has shown that when we smile, our brain releases endorphins, which are natural painkillers, and serotonin which elevates mood. Smiling is contagious, it’s hard to not smile back when somebody beams their grin at you.

The Power of Praise

Choose your words wisely. Be intentional in using your words to build people up. The simple act of saying "thank you," "I appreciate you," or "I love you" has a profound impact on the people around us. These words can be a constant reminder of how much we value and treasure the people in our lives.

Compliments build confidence and when you notice something positive about someone, don't be afraid to speak up and let them know. When you put on a nice outfit isn’t it great when somebody notices and compliments you? Your appreciation can be directed at how they look, what they have done, who they are, or anything specific you can observe or know. Let’s build each other up with esteem-enhancing gratitude.

Look for The Good

By looking for the good in others, we help them to emphasize the positive traits we see. This promotes empathy and understanding and helps us treat them with more respect, creating stronger relationships. On top of this, looking for the good in others motivates them to improve further, and inspires us to develop our own positive qualities.

You are a ‘combination’ of the five people you spend most of your time with. So, it’s incredibly beneficial to consciously focus on the positive qualities of these five people as it will build both you and them up. When you seek to see the positive in others, you will also judge yourself less. Our internal and external dialogue acts like a mirror, impacting how we feel about ourselves.

Choose Another Perspective

Approach every interaction with an open mind, and willingness to see things from the other person’s point of view. Try and put yourself in their shoes. Listen actively to what they have to say and make an effort to understand the situation with perceptions built from somebody else’s experience.

No single individual can have a complete understanding of anything, there is always subjectivity based on the lives we have lived, our beliefs, our upbringing, and much more. There are three sides to every story: yours, mine, and the truth. Before passing judgment, pause, and reflect on how different somebody else might be experiencing the same event.

Accept Others Wholly

It's important to remember that nobody is above imperfection, and we all have our own struggles and challenges. We fight battles in silence and behind closed doors. When we accept this, both the good and the bad, we acknowledge that we're all doing the best we can with the resources and support available to us.

Accepting others for who they are, nurtures compassion and empathy towards others, helping you to build stronger, more positive relationships.

Extending Your Love to Others

There are other ways to show and share love that requires more effort, time, and money to communicate your message. Sharing love by spending money is one of the 5 ‘love languages’ and thoughtful gifts are a way to show you care with a physical gesture.

Money can't buy love, but it can be used to express that you care about someone. Providing emotional support, spending time with others, and developing meaningful relationships are also effective ways to enhance the love between two or more people.

Your Actions

Simple acts of service, like helping out with chores, can go a long way in showing love to others. Cooking a meal for your nearest and dearest with foods in the Nutritional Guide expresses love and shows you care about their health and wellbeing.

To every stranger out there who grabs an item off a supermarket top shelf for a short person, helps an old person cross the street, or a woman carry her stroller down some steps, you are appreciated! Your actions tell people, even complete strangers, that they matter. The world needs more people doing good deeds like you.


Your Gifts

What better gift than one that helps someone take care of their health and well-being? We’ve got you covered. The Dr. Sebi Gift Card is a versatile gift that allows the receiver to benefit from the incredible health-enhancing herbal compounds in the Dr. Sebi Cell Food online store.

Share your love with others on their wedding day, birthday, or any other celebration by including a personalized message with a gift card.

Keep Spreading The Love

Whether it’s through big gestures or small ones, spreading love elevates both you and the recipient of your positive intention. It reminds us of the positive qualities inherent to human nature, qualities that we can choose to draw on at any time.

I guarantee you will feel as good as the recipient of the love you are giving. Smile more, see the best in others, and speak positive words to make the world a better and brighter place. Keep loving and keep shining!

I love you now; I loved you then, and I will love you forever!” – Dr. Sebi

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