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Growing Stronger by the Day (February 2022) - Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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“Keep going every day. Remember that progress is progress, no matter how small.” - Dr. Sebi.

It’s getting harder to live a healthy natural life. Being ‘sick’ is normal, and our medical systems are focused on disease, not vitality. Protecting your wellness, enhancing your quality of life, and defending yourself against addictive foods and advertising takes a lot of effort!

Enjoying the Journey

Nature is always growing; empty lots get reclaimed by weeds and wildlife takes over abandoned buildings. Humans share this natural desire for growth; leaving our comfort zones to discover new opportunities. But we often lack the long-term motivation, support, tools or information required for genuine progress.

It takes continued effort to make the daily choices needed for a healthy lifestyle. But, when you can appreciate and enjoy each step you take, and the progress you make, the rewards are enhanced significantly. We never stop growing; even while we sleep our cells are cleansing, nourishing, repairing, replicating and building themselves up. What’s your next step?

“Your speed doesn’t matter, forward is forward.” - Dr. Sebi.

100 Reasons to Keep Going

It’s helpful to remind yourself of why you have chosen to make your health a priority. Here is an inspiring list of the proven benefits of a nutritious alkaline diet combined with gentle exercise and hydration:

  1. Boosts creativity
  2. Boosts self-confidence
  3. Boosts sexual hormones
  4. Boosts your mood
  5. Easier to learn
  6. Easier weight management
  7. Enhances body awareness
  8. Enhances brain power and intelligence
  9. Enhances cellular oxygenation
  10. Enhances cellular repair
  11. Enhances natural endorphins
  12. Enhances nerve regeneration
  13. Enhances neuroplasticity
  14. Enhances nutrient absorption
  15. Enhances self-discipline
  16. Enhances digestion
  17. Enhances emotional balance
  18. Enhances fertility and libido
  19. Enhances happiness
  20. Enhances mental positivity
  21. Enhances motivation
  22. Enhances positive brain chemicals
  23. Enhances self-awareness
  24. Enhances self-respect and self-esteem
  25. Enhances sexual vitality
  26. Enhances sleep quality
  27. Enhances your energy
  28. Helps combat addiction
  29. Helps prevent arthritis
  30. Helps you resist temptation
  31. Improves blood flow
  32. Improves cellular detoxification
  33. Improves complexion and skin elasticity
  34. Improves coordination
  35. Improves decision making
  36. Improves emotional regulation
  37. Improves focus and attention
  38. Improves gut function
  39. Improves hormonal balance
  40. Improves insulin sensitivity
  41. Improves lung function
  42. Improves memory
  43. Improves mental and physical agility
  44. Improves mental resilience
  45. Improves overall wellbeing
  46. Improves oxygen utilization
  47. Improves posture and flexibility
  48. Improves sleep quality
  49. Improves stamina and endurance
  50. Improves vision
  51. Improves wound healing
  52. Improves your ability to relax
  53. Improves your immune system
  54. Increases healthy lifespan
  55. Increases lean muscle mass
  56. Increases metabolic rate
  57. Increases productivity
  58. Increases red blood cell count
  59. Lengthens DNA telomeres
  60. Lowers blood glucose
  61. Lowers blood pressure
  62. Prevent Migraines
  63. Prevents cognitive decline
  64. Prevents dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease
  65. Protects heart and circulatory system
  66. Protects joints and cartilage
  67. Protects your eyes
  68. Reduce PMS and menstrual cramps
  69. Reduces allergies
  70. Reduces brain fog
  71. Reduces cellular aging
  72. Reduces cholesterol and triglycerides
  73. Reduces chronic pain and inflammation
  74. Reduces constipation
  75. Reduces cravings and addictions
  76. Reduces depression
  77. Reduces erectile dysfunction and impotence
  78. Reduces fat deposits and cellulite
  79. Reduces fatigue
  80. Reduces inflammation
  81. Reduces insomnia
  82. Reduces oxidative stress
  83. Reduces risk of cancer
  84. Reduces risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome
  85. Reduces risk of falls and fractures
  86. Reduces risk of gallstones
  87. Reduces risk of heart disease
  88. Reduces risk of hospitalization
  89. Reduces risk of kidney stones
  90. Reduces signs of aging
  91. Reduces stress and anxiety
  92. Reduces the risk of all lifestyle diseases
  93. Reduces weight
  94. Reduces whole body toxicity
  95. Slows down muscle loss
  96. Slows down aging
  97. Strengthen and protect heart
  98. Strengthen tendons and ligaments
  99. Strengthens your bones
  100. Suppresses appetite

Fresh Growth

Dr. Sebi provided clear guidance about how to be healthy - eliminate toxicity, stay hydrated and eat real food. We’ve been tricked with addictive foods and unhealthy lifestyles that make it difficult to make the best decisions for your body and mind. Congratulate yourself for every healthy decision you make!

”Eliminate the processed foods, the hybrid foods, the GMO foods. Eat only organic fruits and vegetables with seeds. Anything without a seed is foreign created in a laboratory.” - Dr. Sebi.

Each day provides the opportunity to sleep-walk through old habits or wake-up and take conscious control. What steps towards success are you prepared to take? What reasons to be healthy inspire you the most? Every day provides the perfect opportunity to grow a new leaf.

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