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Health Shines in Your Hair (March 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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Hair provides a window into your deeper health

How your hair looks, feels, and grows can identify underlying health problems, psychological issues, or nutritional deficiencies.

Embrace health through your hair, and promote growth from the roots to the tips of your luscious locks. Dr. Sebi's Hair Food Oil contains Lafleur de Batana, discovered by Dr. Sebi while visiting the Wika people, living along the Mosquito Coast of Honduras. Feed each follicle the nutrients it needs to produce strong, shiny, and soft hair.
"Batana will make your hair grow, and it will give it luster, it is just the best." - Dr. Sebi

Hair Growth Cycle

Hair grows in a three-stage cycle (Grow-Rest-Shed), and we lose 100 to 150 hairs per day. When the body lacks nutrients or is chronically inflamed, more hairs are lost than replaced. Excessive hair loss is much more than a cosmetic issue.

Several hormones, and endocrine glands, are involved in the regulation of hair growth. Chemicals from plastics, and in our environment disturb hormone production, disrupting hair’s growth cycle. Trauma and stress also impact hair growth, creating even more hormonal imbalances that intensify shedding.

Hormonal Imbalances

  • Estrogen: excess creates extended periods of shedding or excessive growth in unwanted areas. Eliminate excess estrogen by eating more fiber, and balance estrogen production with Dr. Sebi's Estro.
  • Testosterone: prostate inflammation creates a more potent form of testosterone (dihydrotestosterone – DHEA) responsible for scalp thinning, receding hairline, and the typical patterns of baldness. Eat approved-foods high in zinc (garbanzo, brazil nuts, sesame seeds) to protect the prostate, and balance testosterone with Dr. Sebi's Testo.
  • Thyroid: inflammation, toxins, or damage to the thyroid gland can cause hair texture changes and excess shedding. Many people with thyroid issues lack iodine, found abundantly in seaweed.

Nutritional Shortages and Mineral Gaps

Follicles need plenty of iron, selenium, iodine, and zinc to grow healthy hair. But, when allocating resources, like iron, the body's natural intelligence prioritizes critical substances like blood over hair.

This resource management means hair gets the nutritional 'leftovers' and more easily becomes mineral deficient. Dr. Sebi's Green Food can fill the nutritional gaps making hair weak and brittle over time. When your hair is vibrant and alive, it’s because you are well-nourished on the inside.

Autoimmunity and Inflammation

Hair falling out in patches, or over large areas can indicate issues with the immune system. Skin disorders damaging follicles are often the result of toxicity, as the body tries to get rid of harmful substances through the skin.

Heavy metals, bacteria, fungus, and environmental toxins damage the skin surrounding the follicle, preventing it from effectively growing hair. Inflamed follicles and flaky skin don't provide a fertile ground for happy hair. Reducing the body's total toxic load and increasing nutrition restores the immune balance.

Nourish and Nurture

If your hair is suffering from malnutrition and immune toxicity, you can revamp your style by putting nutrients where they are needed. Dr. Sebi’s Green Food will replenish the missing minerals making rejuvenating hair-growth while Dr. Sebi’s Hair Food Oil is a trusted way to restore healthy hair’s softness and shine.

“Smells amazing! Very rich oil, I love it. I used it on my hair and my son’s skin!” - Sheree
“My hair is now growing beautifully. Gives my hair volume and smells terrific. I get compliments everywhere I go.” - Wendy
“Softens and feeds the hair without an oily feeling. Smells so nice! My hair feels alive and stronger.” - Paulette

Embrace your hair’s health with the nutrition needed to keep it looking, and feeling, at its best. Your hair is an extension of the rest of your body, trust it to let you know what’s going on inside. If your hair is dry, brittle, or shedding, then you need to look within.

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