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Hello Summer, Goodbye Toxins (September 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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It’s summertime, a chance to kick back, unwind… and cleanse!

So unload the toxic baggage holding you back, and pack your summer suitcase with nutrition.

Let nature help your body accelerate its self-healing and rejuvenation. Discover the biggest benefits of a summertime cleanse and nutritional vacation!

Full Body Reset

The summer season naturally helps your body flush out toxins. All you need to do is give it a little helping hand!

  • Warm weather opens the skin’s pores, helping us sweat out toxins.
  • We typically drink more water to stay hydrated during summertime.
  • We’re more likely to be outdoors enjoying the fresh air and being in nature.
  • Sports and physical activity are more fun in the sun, we move more when warm!
  • We crave refreshing foods in the hot weather that naturally help us cool down
  • It’s the peak season for many Dr. Sebi-approved foods (hello apples, avocados, bananas, berries, cherries, limes, mangos, peaches... the tasty list goes on and on.)

By aligning to the shift in seasons, you enhance the body’s natural cleansing processes.

But why do we need to focus so much on being clean?

The Necessity of Cleansing

Now, we’re not saying you’re dirty... but, the world is! We’re constantly bombarded with toxins and failing to address them can lead to serious health challenges that compromise your quality of life. Toxins have accumulated inside you from:

Toxic Food - refined and processed junk foods, along with acidic staples like bread and milk, can’t easily be processed by the digestive system. We’re stuck with stagnant fragments of non-natural foods, inflaming the gut and robbing our energy. Toxic foods turn into toxic glue.

Toxic Environment - from the pesticides sprayed on crops making their way into the water supply, to heavy metals in the air from industrial pollution, poisonous agents are everywhere. Even if you are keeping yourself clean, chances are somebody is polluting the air near you!

Toxic Products - heavy metals are found throughout your home in cosmetics, cleaners, cookware, and crops. While endocrine-disrupting hormones from plastics are linked to obesity and a host of lifestyle diseases, plus developmental issues in developing embryos.

Chances are you’re carrying more than a few extra pounds of toxins around! The toxic ‘glue’ in your gut is mucus, and it houses the parasites, yeasts, molds, worms, and a host of harmful bacteria that steer you towards poor food choices.

The Cleansing Balance

Your body is constantly cleansing. Some actions and foods speed up and support cleansing; other behaviors slow it down dramatically. Do you know the difference?

Let’s take alcohol as an example: it’s so toxic for your body that your liver stops all other detoxification processes to deal with the imminent danger. Sugar acts in a similarly poisonous way and demands the fullest attention of all the detoxification resources.

The body cannot get clean when the burden of toxicity is increasing. So, the aim of cleansing is to reduce this burden of toxicity so the body has enough energy to do a deep clean and fully repair cellular damage.

You achieve this by:

  • Eating ‘lightly’ (only ingredients from Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide).
  • Allowing your body extra time to rest, relax and sleep.
  • Moving gently to get your lymph flowing waste out.
  • Hydrating fully with at least 1 gallon of Spring Water.
  • Reducing digestive effort (think teas, juices, smoothies).
  • Clearing out your bowels (you need herbs to help with this!)

“We concentrate on the whole human body. Cleansing the human body is only but one part of the whole journey. The other is bringing back the energy that was lost by the presence of disease. That energy is supported by minerals, LIVE minerals.”- Dr. Sebi.

Cool as a Cucumber

Proper nutrition is critical during and after cleansing. This prevents any rebound effect (where you overeat post-cleanse) and ensures your body removes toxins effectively. Once you have cleared out stagnant waste your body will have more energy, but it needs extra nutrition for the overdue repairs!

Dr. Sebi’s Small Cleansing Package provides complete herbal support for cleansing and replenishing:

  • Chelation 2 detoxifies the body and deeply cleanses the bowels with herbs, barks, and roots that help release and escort toxins out of your body.
  • Bio Ferro purifies the blood and supports the liver to enhance detoxification processes while protecting against free radical damage.
  • Viento improves the body’s removal of waste and eliminates energy-draining heavy metals, helping your immune system function efficiently.

The powerful trio in Dr. Sebi’s Small Cleansing Package dramatically enhances your ability to remove the toxic waste holding your energy and immune system back.

This summer, why not let the sun shine in you by taking a cleansing and refreshing nutritional vacation?

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