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The Hidden Dangers Lurking In Your "Healthy" Convenience Foods

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Do you understand the dangers of convenience?

Humanity is waking up to the nutritional abuse inflicted when we consume non-natural foods. So, attempting to change their unhealthy image, fast-food chains and junk-food producers are devising 'healthy' plant-based alternatives, which sadly cover-up hidden dangers. Sadly, the deceptive marketing and 'greenwashed' packaging trick people into eating junk products which still make them sick.

Dr. Sebi told us that "Real Soul food is food that enhances the Soul, our central Sun, our carbon. Fruits, vegetables, grains, this is REAL food."

To be fully alive, we need live food that nourishes the body. Processed food is engineered to be addictive and lacks real nutrition; it is dead food, full of hidden dangers. It takes willpower and dedication to fend off the billions of dollars spent advertising this toxic junk. There is social pressure to eat the same as everybody else and join in with the modern diet of malnutrition.

By paying full attention to your nutrition, you can prevent the mental decline, lethargy, and chronic disease that most people consider normal. It is not healthy to be sad, sick, and tired all the time. If you are struggling with your energy levels right now, Dr. Sebi's Viento packs a powerful punch of antioxidants that dramatically boost energy and restore vitality. Our customers are frequently shocked by how much younger, fitter and more energized they feel just a few days after starting to take the potent and revitalizing Viento. It's also helpful to combat the cravings for addicting substances with hidden dangers such as sugar, which can be found in a lot of the foods that you need to stay away from.

Processed and fast foods are marketed for their 'convenience,' but, they rob our health in return for freeing up precious time. Despite living longer, we are experiencing a considerable reduction in 'healthspan' - eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) results in, on average, being sick for the last 20 years of life. Understanding the real risks of the latest trend in plant-based PR ensures you remain healthy enough to enjoy a long and happy life.

These are just a few of the hidden dangers associated with processed food made from plants:

  • Addiction to toxic sugars, refined flour, and chemical additives.
  • Creation of acid and mucus, reducing your cells' ability to function.
  • Overloading the liver with pesticides used to make crops cheaper.
  • Less nutrition due to the poor soil quality of industrial farming.
  • Contamination with heavy metals and industrial solvents.
  • High-heat processing that creates cancer-causing chemicals.
  • Flavor enhancers added to disguise cheap ingredients and stale fats.
  • Preservatives to increase shelf life which embalm you on the inside.
  • Hormonal disruption from chemicals and inks leaking from the packaging.

Genetic modification has spawned a scary range of plant-based meat alternatives, including burgers engineered to look like they bleed! Fast-food is fake-food, and with a little planning, it's just as quick to cook at home with a few delicious natural ingredients. You can easily create your own plant-based burgers using the ancient Egyptian grain known as tef. Combining flavor, texture, and real nutrition, see how convenient it is to make your own tasty tef burgers to feed your body and your appetite's desires.

Years of processing and prioritizing profit over nutrition have degraded the quality of our food. Nutritional values on food labels are often wrong, based on plants grown decades ago before so much damage was done. Labeling of nutritional values is also allowed to have a 20% margin of error! 

Fortunately, real food doesn't need labels and doesn't have any hidden dangers, but nobody is marketing the health benefits of apples. It's illegal to make health claims about the amazing plant-based healing powers that Mother Nature devised. Many people are malnourished without even knowing, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to eat enough nutrition.

When the body lacks nourishment and electric energy from real live plants, it starts to decay into disease. The malnourished body is prone to sickness and grief, it's an epidemic spreading worldwide and the chronic complaints are only silenced with pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Sebi's Green Food was developed to revitalize the body with missing minerals and real plant nutrition. Ancient wisdom can overcome our modern health crisis when we feed and cleanse the cells.

Processed-plants are dead foods that create the thick, acidic mucus that causes all disease. Real foods are found in nature. No genetic modifications are needed because they were made perfect the first time! They nourish and heal the body, bathing every cell in the alkaline and nutrient-dense fluids needed for life. Preserve your nutritional integrity by being honest with yourself and your body.

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