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How to Make Health a Habit (February 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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The true role of the immune system has been misunderstood. Protecting the body from pathogens is just one of the many vital roles it performs.

Understanding how your immune system really works is vital to surviving in modern toxic environments.

Dr. Sebi developed a range of immune-boosting herbal products that are designed to empower your body to keep you well. Topping up your immune nutrition will ensure your health and wellbeing are protected.

Disease vs. Health

Lifestyle diseases, caused by poor diet and toxicity, are so normalized in society, that we have forgotten what the body is capable of. The immune system is not just a patrolling force of cellular soldiers, looking for the next bacterial battle.

Immune functions cleanse, wash and detoxify the whole body. All your cells are continuously reviewed, repaired, recycled, and rejuvenated. The Immune System physically protects the entire body and is responsible for maintenance and self-repair.

Disease is accumulated gradually due to toxicity and mineral-malnutrition that overwhelms the immune system’s ability to build your body. Toxicity, acidity, and mucus build-up; starving cells of nutrition and oxygen as waste stagnates. Toxins reduce your ability to make bio-electric energy, and with less energy, your immune system can’t turn on effectively.

Where to Begin?

There is a vicious cycle of toxicity that can be hard to break. Imagine trying to clean the kitchen, and wash the dishes, when the sink is blocked, it’s even harder if the taps are rusted shut. Each element of the cleansing, detoxifying, and waste elimination process needs to be optimized for the immune system to function effectively.

  • Nourishing Immunity – Daily mineral-rich green plants and approved foods.
  • Supporting Immunity – Eliminate toxins that drain your energy and damage cells.
  • Mental Immunity – Thoughts influence immune regulation, fear suppresses immunity.
  • Refreshing Immunity – Restorative functions happen at night, get clean while you sleep!
  • Enhancing Immunity – Sunshine, fresh air, nature, and natural landscapes boost immune functions.
  • Accelerating ImmunitySpecific herbs fine-tune the Immune System and provide super-nutrition.

The Immune Response

Last year Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food launched our first training course. The short but powerful 7-day course was developed to empower the health of our community, specifically boosting the Immune System. We asked what people learned, or liked, this is some of what they said:

  • Our bodies are constantly regenerating, what we consume literally dictates our future health.
  • Given the right conditions, the body will heal itself, but it takes consistency and breaking habits.
  • If the Immune System is malfunctioning, the body suffers from pain, inflammation, and disease.
  • The exercises! When you challenged us to apply the lessons to our own lives for seven days.
  • The connection between emotional health and eating habits to your immune system.
  • Our immune system is multi-faceted and we have the power to heal ourselves.
  • Every aspect of your life can affect your immunity, and we have control.
  • Allowing Mother Nature to nourish your body on a cellular level.
  • One needs to have a positive mindset to make their plan work.
  • How your body remains healthy eating alkaline food.
  • Key things you can do to improve your wellbeing.
  • The mental and emotional aspects of healing

The positive response (98.2% agreed immune knowledge was enhanced) is testimony to the power of your amazing Immune System when following Dr. Sebi’s guidance. Empower your Immune System with this free training today, and develop the skills to stay in optimum health.

Naturally Immune

Dr. Sebi’s range of immune-boosting herbs, teas, and tonics help kick-start your immune system, taking the stress off your body. They support the Immune System by removing the toxins and mucus holding you back and filling the nutritional gaps limiting your immune power.

Don’t take your immune system for granted, or wait until you really need it when you feel sick. Help health become a habit by supporting your immune system with the conditions needed to work optimally. Look after your immune system, and it will definitely look after you.

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