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Spring cleaning is an important ritual that creates a safer, and more beautiful, environment for you and your family while actively reducing stress. Are you ready to relax and clean?

Discover the benefits of a spring clean, which toxic products to get rid of, and learn some simple tips for chemical-free spring cleaning to elevate the energy in your home.

5 Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is surprisingly good for your health:

  • Good Exercise - it’s hard work clearing out boxes, dusting high corners, and moving furniture to clean behind it. Your body appreciates all this physical exertion, and as you move around cleaning your home, your body will naturally be moving lymph and cleaning you on the inside.
  • Immune System Boost - dust, dirt, mold, skin cells, and animal fur gather over the winter, all of which can trigger allergies and respiratory problems. Airing out your house and removing these potential pollutants helps to protect your lungs and your immune system.
  • Mental Clarity - organizing and tidying your house creates a clutter-free outer environment that is reflected internally. Studies show that tidy homes reduce anxiety and elevate feelings of focus and wellbeing.
  • Increased Productivity - having a well-organized space allows you to access items when you need them, saving you time, energy and frustration. Knowing where to find things you want can significantly reduce your stress levels.
  • Better Dietary Choices - A study from the University of Minnesota discovered that people in clean and tidy rooms are more likely to make healthy food choices than people in unclean, untidy rooms.

The Toxic Trio

Spring is the perfect time to assess and address any toxic products or substances lurking in your cupboards. Below are the three most common toxins found in a typical household that you’ll want to remove and replace with safer alternatives.

  • Bisphenol-A (BPA) - found in plastics including baby bottles, food containers, water bottles, feminine hygiene products, electronics, and canned food. This endocrine disruptor confuses our body’s natural production of hormones and is linked to obesity and cardiovascular health concerns.

​The Solution - reduce or eliminate your consumption of plastic food containers and canned foods, and replace plastic bottles and food containers with glass containers. Seek out BPA-free and non-toxic products.

  • Phthalates - chemicals found in children's toys, plastic food packaging, detergents, body care products, shower curtains, linoleum floors, shampoos, hairspray, and nail polishes. Phthalates are known to increase the risk of reproductive issues - including miscarriages.

The Solution - throw out plastic food packaging, purchase household items that don’t contain PVC (which usually contain phthalates), and ditch body care products containing “fragrance” and “parfum.” Seek out natural alternatives made from ingredients you can identify and pronounce.

  • Formaldehyde - a colorless, pungent gas used in building materials and household items like chairs, sofas, cabinets, detergents, cigarettes, curtains, paint, and cosmetics. Short-term formaldehyde exposure can cause red eyes, sore throats, nausea, migraines, and nosebleeds, while long-term exposure increases the risk of various cancers.

The Solution - buy solid wood furniture or furniture that is ultra-low-emitting formaldehyde (U.L.E.F.) and no added formaldehyde (N.A.F.) Have a no-smoking rule in the house. When painting, use non-toxic Zero-VOC paint. Ventilate your home on a regular basis to keep toxins out and let fresh air in. House plants naturally clean and filter the inside air.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Dust and dirt often contain traces of chemicals, like pesticides, or pollutants, including benzene. Here are some simple tips to help you banish the hidden sources of toxicity.

  • Reduce dirt by using two doormats, one for outside your front door and one for inside. This helps to trap dirt traipsed into the house on shoes.
  • Clean your kitchen with a natural disinfectant and a citrus scrub cleaner (recipes below).
  • Clean the fridge by taking out the shelves and washing with warm water, clean any mold from the door seal.
  • Clean your oven with baking soda and hot water made into a paste, applied to the oven, and left for a couple of hours, making it easier to clean off the gunk.
  • Clean your windows with apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle (this avoids the harmful chemicals in your average window cleaner). Wipe them down with a clean cloth or piece of newspaper.
  • Eliminate smells from sinks and kitchen chopping boards by rubbing with slices of naturally disinfecting lime.

Natural Cleaning Product Recipes

There’s no need for toxic chemical ingredients when you can easily make your own natural, beautiful-smelling cleaning products at home. Essential oils are naturally able to remove dirt, kill bad bacteria and leave your home energized and smelling amazing,

  • Lavender Disinfectant - add 10 drops of lavender essential oil to a full spray bottle of water. Shake well. Use on kitchen and bathroom surfaces.
  • Citrus Scrub Cleaner- add 2 tablespoons of baking soda, 2 tablespoons of water and 5 drops of citrus essential oil (or key lime zest) into a bowl and mix into a paste. Apply to tiles, the kitchen sink, and even kitchen appliances.
  • Tea Tree All-Purpose Cleaner - mix 20 drops of tea tree essential oil, 2 cups of apple cider vinegar, and 2 cups of water together and put into a spray bottle. Use this to remove musty odors all over the house.

Enjoy Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning has some great benefits, but cleaning isn’t always an enjoyable activity. Here’s a little secret to making spring cleaning considerably more fun: reward yourself!

The most challenging part of spring cleaning tends to be starting. Tackle each room one by one and take a short break in between.

A add some energetic music can make the most mundane cleaning tasks seem like a personal party. 

Whether it’s spring cleaning or self-healing, we are designed to function optimally and thrive in a natural environment. Take the opportunity to clear out toxicity, and get rid of items you no longer need, to welcome more of what is natural and consistent with a good quality of life.

“Healing has to be consistent with life itself. If it isn’t, then it’s not healing. The components have to be from life.”
- Dr. Sebi.

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