Staying Hydrated In The Heat (July 2020) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food - Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Staying Hydrated In The Heat (July 2020) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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Electrifying Your Body With Water

Summer hydration is critical for health and electrification! Without sufficient water, cells shrink, and lose their ability to make the bio-electrical energy needed for life! You are organic, alkaline, and electric, so you need to be hydrated to keep the current flowing.

The Dangers of Dehydration

Inside your body everything is wet, even your bones are 30% water. Fluids lubricate joints and the spine; blood carries dissolved oxygen and nutrients; lymph and urine remove waste. In fact, every single cell is bathed in fluids providing nutrition and removing waste. This alkaline and mineral-rich fluid also create a nourishing, and electrically-charged, micro-environment for each cell.

Dehydration reduces blood volume and impairs bio-electrical reactions. When cells are dehydrated they shrink - mentally compare the size of a grape to a raisin! In your head, this cellular shrinkage causes pain, as brain cells literally 'pull' away from the inside of the skull. Ouch!

Even mild dehydration reduces our ability to think clearly or perform physically, as cells are unable to receive nutrients, remove waste, or make energy. Dehydration can quickly make us feel tired and confused while risking damage to the kidneys and other organs.

Electrified Water

Water has remarkable electrical properties allowing it to support life. Dr. Sebi taught us the importance of water quality, specifically its source and alkalinity, to maintain and even boost health.

Eating plants, and drinking their juices, provides precious nutrients and the stored energy from the sun. Plants electrify water using sunlight and chlorophyll, to make energy. Sunlight also energizes water, shifting electrical properties to create a liquid-crystal-like structure. This energetic activation happens naturally in springs, as the movement gathers minerals from rocks and infra-red energy from the sun.

High-Water Foods

Many summer fruits and vegetables, like cucumber, watermelon, Seville orange, and cherry tomatoes contain extra electrified-water, helping you rehydrate in the heat. Seasonal foods are often aligned to our needs; Mother Nature has provided nurturing gifts for the whole year!

  • Cucumber (97% water): refreshing and cooling in salads and drinks.
  • Cherry Tomatoes (95% water): sweet taste, ideal for salads, or gently cooked.
  • Watermelon (92% water): eat on an empty stomach to enhance digestion.
  • Seville Orange (88% water): skin-boosting nutrition to drink or for dessert.
  • Apples (85% water): one a day meets fiber requirements and boosts bile flow.

Plant-juices are a great way to keep hydrated and provide more than nutrition, they provide electrical-energy. Dr. Sebi said "There is no vitamin in the world that is made by man that complements the human body. Because it does not have the electricity that it should have, just like naturals plants have".

Electrified Nutrition

This summer, ensure you are nourishing your ability to electrify! Dr. Sebi's Green Food replenishes cells with the minerals needed for ionic balance. Improving cellular nutrition and water retention, while helping the kidneys detoxify and purify the blood. The anti-inflammatory herbs in this powerful cellular nutrition also reduce seasonal allergies.

Take care to enjoy the sunshine this summer, and keep well hydrated, to ensure you can think and perform at your best. If you feel a little sluggish reach for hydration first, fresh fruit juice or spring water could be just what you need to reignite that alkaline-electric inner spark!

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