Testo is back in stock! (June 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food - Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Testo is back in stock! (June 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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It’s our pleasure to announce that Dr. Sebi’s world-renowned male formula, Testo, is available to order from the shop!

We want you to enjoy this libido-enhancing, performance-boosting compound, designed exclusively to improve overall male health. Dr. Sebi’s Testo is a powerful antidote to toxic chemicals harming male sexual health. Testo helps men reclaim their natural strength and vitality by balancing male hormones and protecting the glands.

The Testes are in Trouble

For many years now, male sperm count has reduced significantly. This dangerous decline in male fertility is attributed to poor diet, and environmental toxins, smoking, and even stress.

This month we’ve shared some of the consequences of hormonal-disrupting chemicals that are contaminating our bodies, and inflaming our glands. The testes and prostate are responsible for male fertility and hormone production.

Thousands of inflammatory chemicals and substances mimicking female hormones are preventing men from reaching their natural potential, and being able to reproduce. Low testosterone levels reduce concentration, diminish libido and increase feelings of sadness and depression. The 33% increase in male suicide rate, over just the last two decades, correlates with testosterone decline.

Testosterone Production and Conversion

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone. It guides physical definition (bones, muscle, and fat) and is critical in the creation of sperm. Testosterone is produced in the testes, and circulates throughout the body.

About 10% of a man’s testosterone is converted into the more potent form; di-hydro-testosterone (DHT). During puberty, DHT reshapes men’s bodies; forming hair in new places and increasing prostate growth. After puberty, very little DHT is needed. In adulthood excess, DHT is associated with male pattern baldness, prostate enlargement, and prostate cancer.

The skin and liver convert testosterone to DHT and it can‘t be converted back again. Toxins, poor diets and endocrine disruption reduce testosterone and increase DHT conversion. When the hormonal balance is disrupted, it inflames the prostate, impairs focus, destabilizes mood, and reduces energy. Sound familiar?


Natural Nutrition

Dr. Sebi’s Testo uses a well-established herbal synergy to restore male potency and sexual virility while boosting mood and memory. Desire is naturally enhanced, along with the sexual strength and stamina to match.

Testo contains testosterone-boosting alkaloids and glycosides to enhance erection strength with an increased blood flow. Aphrodisiac herbs are combined with targeted nutrition to ensure the long-term health of the testicles.

Thousands of happy men - and their partners - have used the potent power of Dr. Sebi’s Testo to boost mood, energy, and sexual capacity:

"So after a week of using these insane erections...this works I will be ordering more" - Andre

"Trust this product will enhance your performance both, in the gym & during sex." - emypierre

"This stuff is AMAZING, I'm 64 years old and was having issues with E.D. and P.E., the first day I took it I had unbelievable results, had sex as I used to when I was 25." - Carlos

"I noticed results after the second day. Harder erections and more stamina. In my opinion, this is a miracle supplement. I'm about to order a few more bottles."- Reginald_dickens

Men are naturally strong, focused, and sexual. If you, or your man, is not feeling fully fired up on masculinity or is feeling depressed, lethargic or weak - it could be an inflammatory issue. Trust Testo to put the spring back in your step, and boost the testosterone in your testes!

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