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Be the conductor of your cells (May 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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Your body relies on a built-in communications system to effectively coordinate 200 different types of cells in 78 organs. This advanced information management network is more simply known as your endocrine system. Discover how to command this intricate web of information to direct your cells, and regenerate your health.

Dr. Sebi’s All-inclusive Package, for men or women, resets hormonal information highways to share the correct status with your cells. Re-write inner information with a cleansing nutritional transformation.

The Endocrine System

Endocrine glands use nutrients to make 50 highly-specific hormones that are stored, or circulated throughout the body. Hormones regulate everything from metabolism (distribution of energy), growth, and repair, to reproduction, sleep, and mood.

Endocrine glands are supported by organs; creating a system of communication that is balanced, efficient, and quickly responds to change.

  • Thyroid [base of neck]: Metabolic control (heart rate, temperature, growth, fertility, digestion, muscles, and memory). Secretes two hormones, both need iodine.
  • Pituitary [base of brain, behind nose]: Master gland, regulates other glands. Hormones associated with growth and fertility guides your response to stress.
  • Parathyroid [behind thyroid]: Four small glands regulating calcium and phosphorus. Instructs bones, kidneys, and intestines to elevate blood calcium in response to acidity.
  • Adrenals [top of kidneys]: Metabolic and immune regulation, stress response. Produces stress hormones to stimulate the body in response to danger.
  • Pancreas [back of abdomen, behind stomach]: Releases enzymes to break down food, and several hormones needed for energy regulation.
  • Female Ovaries [lower abdomen, uterus]: Secretes a pair of female hormones controlling fertility cycles. Hormonal disbalance impacts energy levels, mood, and fat storage.
  • Male Testicles [external, between legs]: Secretes the male hormone testosterone, controlling physical features (e.g. hairy chest), plus libido, focus and strength.
  • Endocrine Organs: The kidneys, liver and heart secrete hormones that control blood pressure by managing blood volume, blood vessel dilation, and urine output.
  • Exocrine Organs: Skin and fat cells secrete hormones interacting with the immune system. The mouth, stomach and intestine release digestive enzymes, and the hormones that regulate them.

Endocrine Damage

Our internal communication network is being disrupted. Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDC’s) from polluted air, soil, water, and food, prevent hormones and glands functioning effectively, in five different ways:

  • Mimicking: Many EDC’s ‘look’ like natural hormones and flip biological switches.
  • Blocking: EDC’s can block hormones from getting where they need to be.
  • Regulation: EDC’s disrupt the natural rate of hormone creation, release, and storage.
  • Inflammation: EDC’s cause inflammation in endocrine or exocrine glands (specifically fat).
  • Sensitivity: EDC’s change cellular sensitivity to hormones, both increasing, and decreasing.

EDC’s have a wide-ranging effect on the body. Thousands of untested chemicals have leached into our food, and through our skin. EDC’s contribute to the decline in fertility, early puberty, auto-immunity, cancers, metabolic issues, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular problems, and learning disabilities.

Endocrine Disruption

If communication between glands, organs, tissues and cells is interrupted by chemicals, the body can’t function effectively. Endocrine disruption reduces our ability to respond to stress, and directs negative behavioral changes like addiction, and self-sabotage).

Blood pressure, and energy regulation (diabetes), are some of the first major functions impacted by endocrine issues. Other symptoms affecting fertility and immunity are revealed more slowly as damage accumulates over time and EDC pollution increases.

Endocrine Protection

The number one source of EDCs entering the body is through processed food, and its plastic packaging. Stick to the alkaline organic ingredients on Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide to save your body a lot of hard work and protect yourself from EDC’s. Also, avoid chemical cosmetics antibacterial soaps; and choose natural hygiene products instead.

Keep away from plastic when possible and use glass, porcelain, or BPA-Free containers, especially for hot food and drinks. Clean floors often and remove dust from the home (it contains EDC’s, flame retardants, and PCB’s). Avoid artificial scents, instead bring in some plants to filter and freshen indoor air.

Hormonal Harmony

"Iodides and bromides appeal to your endocrine system. That is the system that is going to balance your body and your life." - Dr. Sebi

Dr. Sebi’s All-inclusive package for men or women escorts EDCs out of the body with a transformational cleansing, detoxing, and nourishing, cellular rejuvenation program that is powerful enough to defeat modern levels of toxicity. The All-inclusive package for men and All-inclusive package for women can restore the harmonic resonance of your endocrine information, and rid the body of toxic inflammation.

The increase in modern lifestyle diseases is directly linked to the progression of endocrine damage within our society. Epidemics of heart disease and diabetes are being followed by plagues of infertility and neurological issues. Balance your life, and your body, by nourishing your endocrine system to protect it from external disruption.

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