Are Your Cells Struggling To Breathe? (May 2020) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food - Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Are Your Cells Struggling To Breathe? (May 2020) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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Are you getting enough oxygen to thrive?

Dr. Sebi taught us that oxygen fuels the body, not food. More than a few minutes without oxygen is sufficient to damage the brain. But, what is the true importance of oxygen? What happens if you are'under-nourished' with oxygen? Our cells struggle to breathe, they are gasping for air, and we need more oxygen to thrive.

Oxygen Fuels Life

Every single cell needs oxygen to make bio-electrical energy. Oxygen from the air enters the lungs and diffuses into the blood to be transported around the body. We also breathe out waste products, including carbon dioxide.

Your cells and organs receive vital oxygen via a network of blood vessels. Arteritis is the'highways' taking blood to and from the heart and lungs at high pressure. These tubes get gradually thinner until they are tiny capillaries only wide enough for red blood cells in a single file.

Oxygen Deprivation

If the lungs are clogged with sticky mucus, it causes congestion, like a traffic jam. Narrow capillaries easily get blocked, and oxygen transport is reduced.

Cells on the outside of your body have their own oxygen supply. But organs deep inside rely on the oxygen delivered by the blood. The body is a single system; you can't heal just one piece at a time. If the lungs are congested, then oxygen levels are low, and disease will surely follow.

Dr. Sebi said, "Every disease is based on oxygen deficiency." He told us that we need to "get healing oxygen flowing through your body and to your self-healing kidney."

Oxygen Provides Energy

The brain uses 20% of the total oxygen supply, despite only representing 2% of body weight. Brain fog and mental fatigue are the results of low levels of oxygen in fluids that surround the brain.

A lack of oxygen stops us from getting to sleep at night. When we sleep, the brain cleanses itself with rhythmical waves of fluid that wash over the surface. Insomnia, due to oxygen deprivation, makes people feel crazy and act insane. When the acids are detoxed, and oxygen levels are restored, sleep returns, and the body starts to heal again.

We Are What We Breathe!

Stress also changes our respiration. When we feel anxious, we take rapid breaths that don't fill the lungs with enough air or expel all the carbon dioxide. To heal the body, we take full, deep, and calming breaths - ideally in oxygen-rich environments.

  • With enough oxygen and minerals, we naturally heal.
  • Oxygen helps you think more clearly and feel energized.
  • Reducing sticky mucous helps blood flow better.
  • Fasting removes toxins and accumulated mucus.
  • Alkaline electric food prevents sticky mucus forming.
  • Drinking water helps substances move out of the body.
  • Nature has everything you need to be healthy.
  • Get outside and breathe with the trees!

The Power of Plants

Dr. Sebi knew that Iron (from the earth) and fluorine (from the sea) electrify the body. They enhance oxygenation, reduce inflammation, and promote healing. He traveled around Africa and South America in a quest to collect the most oxygenating plants to give life back to the body. Equipped with new botanical ingredients utilizing plants harvested from the land and the sea, Dr. Sebi formulated Viento, with potent herbs and seaweeds that actively boost cellular oxygenation.

Dr. Sebi's Viento combines mineral-dense and antioxidant-rich plants that boost cellular oxygenation. Chaparral from the Mexican dessert has powerful and unique antioxidants. The plant is famous for its longevity, and one plant is over 11,700 years old! Hunter-gatherers knew of its healing powers and used for many different health conditions.

Bladderwrack is an anti-aging and mineral-rich'herb of the sea' also in Dr. Sebi's Viento. It promotes digestion, aids weight loss, and prevents blood clots. It also reduces damage when oxygen levels get too low if the blood flow becomes restricted.

Valeriana reduces stress on the body by lowering blood pressure and helping you feel calm. It reduces feelings of anxiety, specifically during difficult times, making it an excellent addition to Dr. Sebi's Viento formula.

Hierba del Sapo supports the kidneys, helping them filter and clean your blood. It reduces cholesterol and triglycerides while promoting bone strength.

The final ingredient in Dr. Sebi's Viento is the bitter wood of Hombre Grand. This small botanical tree aids digestion and helps cleanse the intestines to remove mucus and acid form the bowel.

Eat and Breath Well

To be well, you must breathe well. Eat only alkaline foods, especially those rich in iron like amaranth greens, berries, figs, and dates. Seaweeds are rich iron and provide and the best natural source of fluorine. Dr. Sebi's Nutritional Guide includes mucus and acid-free foods that promote health.

To restore your vital oxygen, spend time in nature. Breathing in the oxygenated air gifted to us by the trees. Alternatively, bring plants indoors to purify and nourish the air inside your home. Top-up your nutrition with healing bio-mineral formulas, like Viento, designed to boost your oxygen and cellular health.

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