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Take Back The Power Of Nutrition

The Standard American Diet (SAD) causes chronic health conditions in epic proportions. Fortunately, the immense damage created by consuming unnatural foods is rapidly gaining attention. We are on the brink of a nutritional evolution, as humanity realizes that the cause, and cure, of our biggest health challenges, lies with our food. Learn to harness the power of nutrition!

Moving Away From Medicine

People are turning to the power of nutrition, looking for nutritional solutions for chronic health conditions, with amazing results. Diets focusing on whole food plant-based nutrition (eliminating processed food and animal products) rapidly improve mental and physical wellness.

Anxiety is reduced, energy is increased, focus improves and memory is enhanced when people commit to ancestral diets. Natural food energizes the body and prevents disease and nutritional prescriptions are already effectively treating a wide range of conditions, with virtually no side effects.

Forgetting Food

Our ancestors knew how to use herbs and plants to nourish and heal. But, after a few generations of industrial convenience food, we have lost this natural wisdom. Food has transitioned from supporting health to driving immense profits and chronic disease. Using food as medicine empowers individuals to take charge of their long-term health. Preventing disease, with high-quality nutrition, is the most cost-effective, and guaranteed, way to maintain wellness for a long, healthy, and happy life.

Nutritional Principles to Use Food As Medicine

Modern science is gradually validating ancient herbal wisdom that aligns nutrition with natural principles. Dr. Sebi already identified foods that support health, presented in his Nutritional Guide.

  • Heritage: eat ancestral diets of seasonal food, rich in fiber and nutrients, not genetically modified or grown in a lab.
  • Calm: relaxed mental states speed up a cellular repair, and help us absorb more nutrition, mindful eating also improves digestion.
  • Personal: we have unique preferences and nutritional requirements; individual health status is the compound result of decades of decisions.
  • Experiment: it takes time to change, learn about nutrition, and cleanse the body of toxins, with patience new healthy habits are established. We invite you to join our free Immunity Boosting Micro-Training as a jump-start into a better lifestyle with healthy habits.
  • Focus: on healthy foods that you enjoy, and don't beat yourself up if you make a mistake, simply get back on track and focus on foods that heal.
  • Whole: foods provide nutrients that are more easily absorbed than supplements, plus multiple synergistic bioactive plant compounds.

Dr. Sebi believed in food as medicine and the power of nutrition. He shared the importance of eating food in its natural, whole, state "There are no vitamins in the world, made by man, that complement the human body. Because it does not have the electricity as naturals plants have".

Food As Medicine Foundations

Nutritional status goes hand in hand with health. Dr. Sebi developed herbal products to fill gaps in our modern nutritional experience, and remove substances overloading our natural detoxification systems.

Elderberry's powerful antioxidants and immune-boosting flavonoids taste delicious, prevent infection, and speed up recovery. Accelerate self-healing with Dr. Sebi's Immune Support Herbal Tea, now back in stock.

To remove mucus and phlegm from the lungs, and support respiratory function, Dr. Sebi's Cold and Cough Herbal Tea will help you breathe more easily, and is available now in the shop.

Another immune favorite, Dr. Sebi's Bromide Power is ready to support your nutritional needs. Densely packed with essential minerals to provide the nutrition most people don't know they're missing!

When we cleanse the body of toxins and restore missing nutrients we can flourish. Dr. Sebi taught all about the power of nutrition. He taught that natural alkaline plant-food created the best foundations for life, and finally modern medicine is catching up, just a few decades late.

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