7 Cleansing Herbs to Keep you Clean!

7 Cleansing Herbs to Keep you Clean!

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Hi people, Mwaka here again, this time sharing some forgotten secrets about our healing herbal roots.

For thousands of years, we successfully used a more natural approach to treating the body with herbs. This became the foundation for modern medicine. Sadly, these healing plants have been replaced with synthetic chemicals. 

But we can choose to take back control, take charge of our health, and go back to our roots: to our herbal foundation for health.

Why We Need Cleansing Herbs!

One of the key functions of plant-based nutrition and alkaline foods is cleansing mucus from the body and organs at a cellular level. This got me thinking about ways to enhance the natural ways we can help the body clear mucus, eliminate toxins and basically keep it clean and pristine. So, this brings us to today’s topic: cleansing herbs.

A few years ago, I got information about my health that changed the course of my life for the better, I am sure of that. You may also have had your own health complications to deal with, or you know someone who has. Have you ever wondered, what can I do to avoid all these health problems?

In ideal conditions, your body has its own self-cleansing and self-healing system to keep it in a tip-top state. With our current dietary lifestyles (away from natural and organic foods) and high exposure to toxins (from the air we breathe to the water we drink and the environments we live in), the strain on our body’s cleansing system (the liver mainly) is too great for it to handle alone. 

So, we need extra support, we need herbs that help us cleanse. They act like the sponge and cleansing liquid you use to wash the dishes. They get inside cells and help move substances out, dragging toxins and chemicals with them. Cleansing herbs also escort stagnant waste matter out of the bowel. Basically, they scrub you down on the inside, at a cellular level. 

What Does Cleansing Do for Your Body?

Increased energy: Lethargy is a common problem. It occurs when cells can’t produce enough to meet demands. Waste and reactive radicals build up on the inside and reduce the efficiency you can produce energy. Once the waste is removed, an environment that promotes self-healing is created. Mineral and iron reserves can then be nourished back into balance, further increasing energy production. Clean equals efficient, when it comes to your energy.

Weight management: Your fat cells store excess toxins in your body, they make fat to buffer toxicity, not to make your clothes too tight, or to store excess energy. Fat is associated with toxicity, not excess eating - try binging on avocados, you won’t put on a pound! Your body is intelligent, it does its best to cope with toxicity and fat is a safe solution.  Cleansing removes toxins from fat cells, shrinking them and enhancing weight loss. Clean equals empty, when it comes to your fat cells.

Glowing skin: Your skin is the external mirror of your internal environment. If your body is clean, your skin will reflect this by glowing and looking youthful. Your gut specifically represents itself through your skin, acne and irritation indicate something is astray inside. Skin is the biggest detoxification organ and sweat is one of your best allies. If you are toxic on the inside your skin will let the world know. Clean equals clear, when it comes to your skin.

Stress reduction: A clean body improves your mood, clears your mind, and sharpens your brain. This reduces the neurological inflammation which drives stress and anxiety. It feels like a mental block has been lifted from your mind. Brain fog is the result of the toxic soup of fluids permeating your body. Clean equals clever, when it comes to your brain.


7 Cleansing Herbs

Don’t the benefits of cleansing sound amazing? Personally, I try to detox at least once every month and I love what it does for me. You may have read about my experience with a 24 hours fast and seen the huge benefits of just a quick clean! 

Cleansing herbs take it a step further. Reaching into all the cellular nooks and crannies, these awesome herbs do the hard work for you. Imagine trying to clean your house without any sponges, cloths, or cleansers, it simply wouldn’t work. It would certainly take a lot longer and be much less efficient. 

So, what can we use to make it easier to clean up on the inside? Each of these herbs works slightly differently, tackling a different aspect of your inner hygiene.

1. Dandelion

The dandelion has become known as a weed. People try and get rid of it from their gardens, but it's incredibly valuable, to those who know how to use it. It can flush out waste and toxins, cleansing the kidney, liver, and intestines while helping to dissolve kidney stones. The bitter taste stimulates bile production - bile acts like a detergent, dissolving away grease and fatty substances internally.

2. Yellow Dock

The yellow dock is a great cleansing agent and is rich in iron (most docks are). It supports digestion and waste removal while also stimulating bile. The yellow dock is also a blood purifying herb that promotes a healthy circulatory system and optimal oxygen transport. 

3. Burdock Root

When we talk about support for your body’s self-cleansing system, this is the herb for you. It helps with cleansing the liver and skin detoxification. Packed with iron and promoting liver health, the burdock is renowned for its purifying properties. It is also a diuretic, flushing toxins from the bladder and kidneys. It might even be growing wild on your doorstep. Need I say more?

4. Nettle

Okay, the sting that comes from the nettle might make you think twice about coming into contact with it, but allow me to be the devil’s advocate. It is one of the herbs that promote pancreas health and has a lot more to offer. Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces the root causes of chronic conditions.  Moreover, it has been used for skin detoxification and to promote joint health.  Eat it (cooked!) or make it into tea, the nettle has a salty-metallic taste due to its high dose of minerals.

5. Hombre Grande

Struggling with bloating or indigestion? Worry no more! The Hombre Grande is here to the rescue. 

This herb is good for indigestion and constipation since it helps cleanse the colon against intestinal worms. It also helps get rid of liver and kidney stones. Where medicine fails (like it did for me), mother nature wins!

6. Chaparral

Being a scavenger of free radicals makes chaparral an amazing blood cleanser and purifier. It also helps cleanse the lymphatic system and the gall bladder while helping detoxify heavy metals (take a look at my heavy metals article to learn more about this). 

7. Cascara Sagrada

If you struggle with constipation as I do, the Cascara Sagrada is an herb you may have come across. For a happy bowel, make it your best friend. It also stimulates the liver and pancreas helping improve digestion. You can use it as a flavoring too as it has a pleasant fruity honey-like taste.

There you have it! Your 7 cleansing herbs to empower your health. Because you have to pick the right herbs, and in the correct dosage to reap their benefits, I am recommending Dr Sebi’s Small Cleansing Package if you are a newbie to cleansing or want to kick-start a new regimen.

Allow nature to take its course and enjoy mother nature’s gifts. Would you give any of these herbs a try? My go-to herb is the yellow dock, how about yours?

Until next time,

Stay clean!



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