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9 Signs of Low Testosterone (February 2022) - Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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Male testosterone levels are dropping by 1% every year. This hormone is vital for male strength, fertility, and virility – it’s needed to produce healthy red blood cells and maintain muscles and bone. So, how can we ensure our men stay healthy and strong?

Boost testosterone levels naturally with Dr. Sebi’s Testo. This potent blend of herbs deepens male virility and increases sexual stamina, erection strength, energy, and libido.

“Growth is painful, change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying the same.” – Dr. Sebi.

Reproductive Health

For young adult men, testosterone levels naturally decline with age. But, with each generation, this hormonal decline is starting sooner, and it’s getting worse. In 1987, an average 67-year-old male had 17% more testosterone than his counterpart from 2004. But, an average 22-year-old male today has the same testosterone levels as a 67-year-old from the year 2000.

Testosterone is also known as the “success hormone,” because it plays a role in driving men’s initiative, competitive nature, and energy levels. Testosterone is also related to important aspects of male health, including:

  • Bone mass
  • Fat distribution
  • Muscle mass
  • Red blood cell production
  • Sex drive or libido
  • Sperm production

Signs of Low Testosterone

Dropping testosterone levels can have a devastating impact on men’s health:

  • Erectile Dysfunction – testosterone is vital for getting an erection.
  • Hair Loss – balding and the loss of facial and body hair.
  • Weight Gain – imbalance between the hormones testosterone and (female) estrogen.
  • Less Semen – produce less semen with each ejaculation.
  • Low Energy – less energy, fatigue, and reduced motivation for movement and exercise.
  • Mood Swings – combined with high cortisol levels this makes men angry, anxious, and irritable.
  • Increased Fractures – the body uses testosterone to build and strengthen bones.
  • Weaker Muscles – testosterone is used by the body to build and maintain muscle.
  • Reduced Sex Drive – testosterone is vital for generating libido and desire for sex.

Cultivating Testosterone

Aside from the natural testosterone drop (which should start around age 30) there are many environmental factors and lifestyle choices which destroy this critical hormone. But, there is a lot you can do to reverse the damage and restore hormonal balance.

  • Toxins – pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides used in industrialized agriculture should be avoided; these chemical agents have been directly linked to decreased testosterone. Choose organic produce to protect your hormonal health.
  • Alcohol – Heavy alcohol consumption can result in reduced testosterone levels. Drinking just four alcoholic beverages in one sitting can lower testosterone by as much as 40%.
  • Stress – being stressed out increases the body’s production of cortisol, which reduces testosterone. Long-term (chronic) stress can obliterate testosterone production. Schedule time for active relaxation – going for walks in nature, getting a massage, doing yoga, qigong, or meditation – to generate physical and hormonal resilience through relaxation.
  • Inactivity – a sedentary lifestyle (doing less than 30 minutes of moderate exercise like walking per day) is known to reduce testosterone. Consider hiring a personal trainer, enlist the help of an accountability partner, or take up a new exercise class. Lifting weights is well known to boost testosterone in men, and will help regain lost muscle mass.
  • Hormones – commercial meat and dairy often contain synthetic hormones used to accelerate livestock growth. When consumed by people, it can disrupt their hormonal balance and reduce natural testosterone. Stick to approved plant-based ingredients in the Nutritional Guide to boost healthy hormones.
  • Diet – The Standard American (junk-food) Diet is bad news for testosterone levels because it contains lots of sugar which stimulates the body’s production of insulin. Excess insulin, combined with inflammation, enhances the conversion of male-testosterone into female-estrogen - obesity is associated with low testosterone. Eating alkaline, bioelectric whole foods promote a healthy hormonal balance.
  • Water – synthetic hormones from birth control pills, pharmaceutical medicines, pesticides, and other disruptive hormonal agents are found in municipal water supplies. These chemicals mimic the hormones naturally produced by different creatures, and are known to feminize male fish and frogs, and reduce testosterone levels in human men. Instead, drink only natural spring water, just as Dr. Sebi recommended.

Herbal Hormonal Help

Reducing toxins and eating a healthy natural diet will slowly restore hormonal deficits. Lowering stress and getting more movement will also elevate this critical strength hormone. But, realistically, most men need some extra help to repair their hormonal health.

Fortunately, Dr. Sebi’s Testo is one of the world’s best natural testosterone stimulants. Testo is the secret weapon of virile men around the world who love it for its ability to balance hormones, increase sexual stamina, boost libido, and protect the prostate. We can let the product speak for itself…

“Harder erections and more stamina. In my opinion this is a miracle supplement.” – Reginald.

“Me and my girl can go all night long, and even twice or a third. This stuff is crazy. Also gives you more energy and confidence. Worth every penny.” – Malik5g.

“My girlfriend noticed a difference right away with my xtra hard erections and stamina… after having intense orgasms I’m truly sold on this great product!” – Dodd.

“I'm 55 and smoke and I average 50 pushups nonstop daily. After taking Testo for 3 days I'm now up to 130 pushups nonstop daily. This product simply put, WORKS!!!” – Leon.

Men’s long-term reproductive health is in danger from the toxins in our food and environment. To stay strong, healthy, and happy men need to maintain this critical hormonal balance. How will you help the guys in your life feel proud to be men?

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I love the testo product! Just curious if there is a length of time I should take it and a time I should rest off of it? Or is it completely safe to just continue use daily?


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