Dedicated to all Mothers (May 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food - Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Dedicated to all Mothers (May 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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How often do you think about people who shaped your personality?

Today we invite you to pause and appreciate the women who had the greatest influence on your life.

“Mama Hay, in reality, is the pillar of my foundation. She is the very pillar in which all of the things that I have done lays, because of her instilling in me the attitude of doing, not talking. My grandmother was a doer.” – Dr. Sebi

Honoring our Lineage

Motherhood has been honored by ancient cultures throughout history. The modern celebration of Mother’s Day originated at a women’s group promoting health and friendship, in Philadelphia. By 1914 the celebration spread nationwide, and the President, Woodrow Wilson, dedicated the 2nd Sunday in May as a national holiday honoring mothers.

This year's Mother’s Day is an opportunity to reflect on the person bringing you into the world; and maybe their mother’s too. Let’s continue the tradition of promoting health and acknowledging the influence our mothers, and their mothers, have had in our lives

“I am a product of these four Black women—Violet, Mama Hay, Carolina, and Elizabeth, who is my great, great grandmother. I resonate with these women because these women provided a life for themselves.” - Dr. Sebi

Generations of Motherhood

For Dr. Sebi, his grandmother, Mama Hay, had a huge impact on his early years, informing his ethics, shaping his moral compass, and developing his faith in nature. Dr. Sebi was proud to come from multiple generations of strong women.

“Elizabeth was my grandmother’s grandmother. And according to my grandmother, she was a very tall woman, a very strong woman. She lived until the age of 124!” – Dr. Sebi

It’s astonishing to consider that women carry the next generation with them from birth - 1 million eggs developed inside your mother while your grandmother was pregnant with her. This means the egg you came from was created inside your grandmother! This multi-generational maternal lineage carries our history, and we’re the result of multiple generations of motherhood.

“I would work hours that gave me more hours with her. In listening to her I learned from my grandmother that the thing she prized more than all is her independence. Her independence.” – Dr. Sebi

Celebrating Who You Are

Honoring your mother is acknowledging the foundations you grew from. To love and accept yourself, and your value honors the woman that initiated your journey on this earth. As the apple depended upon the tree from which it fell, your ‘mother’ nourished your early psychology.

Your mental landscape is deeply shaped by your mother, and her mother. Appreciating them celebrates, and accepts, the unique person you became. You wouldn’t be who you are without them.

“She gave her grandson certain ethical and moral standards because she knew that one day I would have to face the world. So she felt she had to give me this foundation. And she did a good job!” - Dr. Sebi

Sharing our Emotions

Communicating our love with gifts, kind words, and spending quality time together are three of the primary ‘love languages humans use. How will you let your mother, or the important women in your life know they are honored, loved, and appreciated?

Flowers are a traditional way to share love and appreciation; Mother Nature resonates love and respect for each other. You could also offer healing herbs to your mother, grandmother, or daughter with a Dr. Sebi Cell Food Gift Card.

Always remember the amazing mothers in your life who nourish you with their energy, wisdom and love.

Appreciate them, love yourself, and remember the generations of mothers who made it possible for you to be here.

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