Plan for the new year

Do You Have A Plan For The New Year?

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As one year draws to a close and another one begins, we naturally look back, and reflect on what we’ve achieved. We also look forward and project towards  new goals in the form of resolutions.  

Sadly, most resolutions fail before February, so what can you do instead?

  • Free your subconscious mind from erroneous information sabotaging your success.
  • Free your body from toxins, metals, mucus, and inflammation draining your vitality.

The 31st of December is ideal for letting go of regrets and celebrating accomplishments. It’s also the last day to order our special holiday bundle to support you practically achieving your health goals.


Saying Goodbye to 2022

It’s been a challenging 365 days since we started this solar cycle, and it's nearly time to begin a brand-new year and all the adventures it brings. But before we step into 2023, it’s important to reflect on the year we’ve just been through.

Reflecting on your experiences can help you to grow as an individual. It allows you to take a step back and think about what you've learned, what you've accomplished, and where you want to go.

By contemplating the events of the past year, you can gain a deeper understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, identify areas where you need to improve, and set appropriate goals for your personal development. 

As you seek out the patterns in your thoughts, actions, and interactions you will spot behaviors that aren’t obvious at first. The subconscious mind drives our habitual actions, and we rarely look beneath the surface to understand ‘why’ we act the way we do.

Reflecting on your experiences throughout 2022 is an important way to build self-awareness and create a sense of purpose and direction in your life for 2023. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • In what areas of my life have I grown?
  • What experiences have helped me develop?
  • What challenges did I overcome?
  • What relationships have enriched me?
  • What do I want more of?
  • What am I proud of?


    Preparing for 2023

    If you would like to start the year with drive and direction, here are some ways to increase your motivation and the likelihood of successful resolutions.

  • Celebrate Your Results: Get in the right frame of mind by focusing on what you achieved before setting new goals. Be proud of yourself for every achievement, and focus the mind on your accomplishments first.  Know you can do it.
  • Give Yourself Permission: You deserve to be healthy, beautiful, financially stable, happy, peaceful, satisfied, relaxed, and enjoying life. It’s not wrong to want a better life for yourself. Self-improvement takes effort, which is rewarded with results.  Know you deserve it.
  • Prioritize Your Desires: Decide what is really important to you. Choose an area of your life to focus on that will deliver maximum results. What is the biggest change you want to make that would empower all other areas of your life? Know what you want.
  • Set Specific Goals: Rather than vague resolutions like "exercise more," always set specific, measurable goals that you can track and work towards. For example, "Walk briskly round the park for 20 minutes during my lunch break” is a specific and achievable goal. Know your targets.
  • Make a Plan: Once you have identified your goals, create a plan for when and how you will achieve them. Break down your goals into smaller, actionable steps, and schedule them into your calendar. Know what to do.
  • Seek Support: Consider what help you might need to make it easier to reach your goals. Surround yourself with others who will aid and encourage you as you work towards your desires. Consider the people and products you might need. Know where to get help.
  • Be Patient and Flexible: Change doesn't happen overnight! Be kind to yourself and don't get discouraged if you encounter setbacks along the way. We are human and we make mistakes. It's important to be flexible and adjust your plan if your goals are not realistic. Know your limits.

    Steps to Success

    After money, health is the number one goal shared by all of humanity. We all want more energy, better sleep and enhanced vitality. We want to enjoy positive emotions and balanced moods. We want to feel physically and mentally fit and healthy.

    Support your resolutions, and reward your results, with an energizing, cleansing, chelating, flushing and nourishing package designed to help you ease into next year, and drop a few pounds. 

    It is possible to celebrate the season and then reset. You can restore hormonal and metabolic balance, and even Indulge Without the Bulge but there is just 24-hours left to order! Start the next solar cycle with all the herbal help you need to succeed.

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