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Fertility and Femininity (February 2022) - Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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February is dedicated to celebrating women. Some cultures acknowledge celebrations like Imbolc, Candlemass, and even Groundhog Day. But what can we learn from Mother Nature about women’s health?

Women's reproductive organs are under attack from chemicals that mimic female hormones. Dr. Sebi’s Estro cleanses toxins that inflame ovaries while boosting sexual desire, libido, and fertility.

Spring Traditions

Since Neolithic times, today’s solar mid-point (halfway between winter solstice and spring equinox) has marked the return of fertility and warmth to the land. Animals come out of hibernation indicating winter is coming to an end and flowers start to bloom.

Around the world, rituals have marked the significance of this time for feminity and fruitfulness:

  • Irish Celts celebrated Imbolc (meaning ‘in the belly of the Mother’) to remember that the seeds of spring are being nourished in the womb of Mother Earth.
  • The ‘bright’ Goddess, St. Brigid (associated with nuns, newborns, midwives, and dairymaids), and the light-purification festival of Candlemass acknowledge more cleansing light in our lives.
  • In ancient Greece and Rome, this time was dedicated to purification with different methods dedicated to removing unwanted energies and substances from the body.
  • In the Southern Hemisphere, today is known as the First Fruit Harvest as the reversed seasons makes it the beginning of the sweet abundance of fall.

This traditional time for fertility and purification, provides the answer to our escalating issues with reproductive health. Honoring our roots and the gift women have been given is essential to continue healing through these times.

Female Toxicity

Many substances sold as ‘safe’ simply aren’t. From herbicides and pesticides to personal care products and non-stick cookware – most people are getting a daily dose of poison. Chemicals that mimic the female hormone, estrogen, are everywhere and it takes dedication to remove them from your lifestyle and detox them from your body.

For the first time ever, scientists found tiny pieces of plastic lodged in the placentas of newborn babies. The placenta should provide critical nutrition and oxygen for the developing baby, while removing waste, but, plastic destroys this nurturing environment and leaks chemicals with a long-term impact on health.

An excess of estrogen makes periods heavier, reduces sex drive, encourages weight gain, causes mood swings, and increases the risk of breast cancer. Low levels of estrogen make your bones weak, can make sex painful, increase urinary infections, and is associated with depression.

Both estrogen excess (due to hormone-mimicking chemicals) and estrogen insufficiency (due to inflamed hormonal glands) impair fertility and disrupt the entire body. If the delicate balance of hormones is damaged, it creates chaos; impacting appetite, digestion, libido, mood, energy, and even the motivation to move.

Rates of depression and anxiety are soaring, alongside obesity, metabolic disease, and diabetes. The body is a single system, it can’t cope with hormone disruption. Fortunately, lifestyle changes (quality nutrition, regular movement, and social support) will gradually rebalance hormones naturally.

If we want to really improve women’s health, we need to resolve the real root of the issues.

Traditional Diet

This week is African Heritage and Health Week, it’s also the first week of Black History Month. Each year this seasonal celebration of nutritional heritage explores African, South American, American South, and Caribbean dishes. We encourage you to combine traditional cuisine with the blessings of spring and remember your healthy roots with alkaline food.

“While the Mayans, Incas, and past black men only had alkalinity, they do not have the problems we have today in this scientific world. We receive life in the alkaline world.” – Dr. Sebi.

Ancestral food, all around the world, is healthier than man-made processed substances. By exploring different flavors, traditional cooking methods, and approved ingredients you can create some inspiring taste sensations that are beneficial for your body. For example, foods high in fiber (like garbanzo and greens) are excellent for moving excess estrogen out of the body.

Make this week a tasty celebration of female fertility and culinary creativity, here are some ideas how:

  • Try a new ingredient from the Nutritional Guide – African grains like tef are remarkably versatile.
  • Research, or create, your own fresh spring recipe influenced by your nutritional roots.
  • View inspiring alkaline cooking videos to learn new skills or cultivate your appetite.
  • Read through our recipes collection and adapt one to your own taste preferences.
  • Have a potluck dinner of delicious Alkaline dishes to share with friends or family.
  • Talk to your kids or grandkids about the importance of healthy nutrition.
  • Watch Dr. Sebi speak about the African Biomineral Balance and real food.

Pleasure and Purification

This month is also dedicated to love, pleasure, and passion. If your mood or mojo is low, then you may need to clear out some contamination. Cleanse your reproductive system, and boost sex hormones with Dr. Sebi’s Estro. Don’t fight toxicity, simply remove it from your system with Dr. Sebi’s Estro and feel the benefits of healthy hormones.

The female body is designed to nurture, nourish, and sustain life. It wasn’t meant to absorb particles of plastics and swim in a soup of toxicity. Let Mother Nature work her magic with nine herbs that harmonize hormones and promote health in the female body.

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