How To Enhance Your Nutrition On A Budget (May 2020) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food - Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

How To Enhance Your Nutrition On A Budget (May 2020) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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Grow Your Greens To Eat Well And Feel Great

Nutrition is a critical foundation for health, yet many people struggle to access sufficient high-quality alkaline food. Harvesting your own sprouts, micro-greens, or home-grown herbs provides an affordable, and enjoyable way to boost nutrition. Follow Dr. Sebi's Guide to grow your greens at home!

Natural Nutrition

Disconnection from nature promotes mindless eating and artificial foods that create sickness. Dr. Sebi warned us that "When you go home to eat, the very thing you put in your mouth undermines the goals you are pursuing".

Growing your own nutritiously dense alkaline foods is a simple and effective way to add nutrition to your diet, connect with nature, and steer you away from temptation. Very little space, or effort, is needed to create urban micro gardens suiting the smallest space, or budget, and they help you focus on healthy food at home. Urban micro gardening is a low-stress, zero-waste hobby with immense potential for fun, creativity, and enhanced nutrition.

Micro Gardening Options

There is immense satisfaction from sowing your own seeds or grains to harvest at home for a delicious salad, smoothie, or snack. Children also enjoy observing the amazing natural processes initiated when seeds are given some water, soil, and sunshine.

The choice of garden depends on the amount of space you have, and how quickly you want results, you can grow indoors, beside a window, or outdoors.

  • Sprouting is the quickest method, results in 24-48 hours in just a glass jar
  • Micro-greens take 3-6 days and you need a small tray, some soil, and sunlight
  • Herbs or potted-plants take weeks or months in a container with soil and sunlight

Time to Eat

A few minutes of daily plant-care provides a supply of high-quality nutrition which is virtually free (seeds are cheap). With just a window sill, or small sunny spot, you can create an urban micro garden of delicious greens, and taking under a minute to get from garden to plate means you harvest tasty nutritional benefits too.

Dr. Sebi said "It is the food that you eat that would reconnect you with the energies of life." Growing your own micro garden could be the easiest and most nutritious way to reconnect.

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