Have You Tried The Sea Moss in Bromide Plus? (April 2020) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food - Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Have You Tried The Sea Moss in Bromide Plus? (April 2020) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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One of Dr. Sebi's favorite ways to get all the nourishment he needed when he was fasting or cleansing was by consuming sea moss. Sea moss (Chondrus crispus), also referred to as "Irish Seamoss", is a species of red algae that grows abundantly in selective parts of the world. It is abundant in nutrients, and it's been used throughout history to heal people who suffer from malnutrition. In fact, you can hear about all the benefits of sea moss from Dr. Sebi himself:

In recent years, before his passing, Dr. Sebi upgraded his famous sea moss formula by adding bladderwrack to make it even more effective. Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus) reinforces the benefits of the sea moss, creating a powerful compound that can be used to treat obesity, improve metabolism, boost circulation, treat the thyroid gland, strengthen bones, and aid in vision, preventing the development of cataracts. It also helps sharpen mental functions, strengthen the respiratory system, and reverse pulmonary conditions.

This amazing compound, which today we know as "Bromide Plus", can even lower the risk of certain cancers and improve heart disease! How incredible is that? And that's not all that it does. With its rich multi-mineral formula, Bromide Plus is ideal to use as a supplement when you're fasting, or cleansing. Bromide Plus will make the process so much easier, helping you get rid of accumulated debris and toxins in the body, regulate bowel movements and calm your appetite, all while nourishing you and providing you with incredible energy.

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does “Bromide Plus”, come in gummies. I have a hard time swallowing large pills?

Nadine Hutton

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