In Loving Memory of Dr. Sebi (August 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food - Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

In Loving Memory of Dr. Sebi (August 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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It’s been five years since Dr. Sebi’s passing on August 6th, 2016.

Today we honor the man that brought us together and taught the world about the power of alkaline electric nutrition.

“What I have to say is not mine, it was never mine. It’s ours.” - Dr. Sebi.

A Natural Healer

Born Alfredo Bowman on November 26th, 1933 in Honduras, Dr. Sebi grew up in the bush amongst herbs and plants, sparking his appreciation for Mother Nature. His innate awareness of herbs flourished into a lifelong dedication to healing with natural plants and real food.

After curing himself with natural herbs, Dr. Sebi dedicated his life to studying, understanding, and sharing his knowledge for the healing of the nations. The Pan-African Alliance called Dr. Sebi “The Greatest Natural Healer in Black History.”

“I’m an African. I’m not an African-Honduran, no. I’m an African in Honduras.” - Dr. Sebi.

Dr. Sebi’s natural wisdom is profoundly different from the current models of disease care and symptom management. By dedicating his life to the realization of a healthier world with ancestral herbal wisdom, he continues to help hundreds of thousands of people heal and millions more continue to be inspired by his pursuit of our right to natural health and vitality.

The immense healing impact of Dr. Sebi’s work attracted criticism and condemnation from industries that felt threatened by him. The power of natural health continues to be censored and undermined, and Dr. Sebi’s critics doubt what he did was possible - but he did the “impossible.”

“I also knew that I was going to come up against the established or prevailing philosophy of life. That I knew at 14 years of age, but I didn’t know I would become the person I am known for today as being ‘the healer."– Dr. Sebi.

Continued Cultural Impact

Dr. Sebi’s impact on the world and legendary status are still growing. Thanks to you, his fans, friends, patients, and beloved community, his message is spreading even wider.

Dr. Sebi’s expertise was trusted and endorsed by celebrities in the entertainment industry and he continues to inspire artists - leaving a tenacious impression on contemporary culture. Dr. Sebi’s spirit lives on every time you press play.

Here is a sample of what modern music legends are saying about Dr. Sebi on recent records:

“Energized and ready, thanks to Dr. Sebi.” - Jesse Royal (Natty Pablo)

“All praise is due to the highest as God protect me, I give you food for thought but my diet was Dr. Sebi.” - Apollo Brown & Ché Noir (Freedom)

“The fight that he had with cancer was a brave one, took Dr. Sebi's herbs instead of medication.” - Common (Little Chicago Boy)

“When did hip-hop turn into hip propaganda? They killed Dr. Sebi, they make mills off of cancer.” - Vic Mensa (Bethlehem / SC Freestyle)

“Pac, Biggie, Machiavelli, OG like Nas or Reggie, culture like Ox in "Belly," Vulgar like Akinyele, focus like Dr. Sebi.” - Royce 5'9" (Black Savage)

“Your body's property you never own, but still I keep it fresher than the fruits on Dr. Sebi's stove.” - Cambatta (Spark of Divinity II - Perfect Poetree)

“I believe in God, I believe in my ancestors, I believe in my offsprings, I believe in Dr. Sebi.” - Lonnie Lynn “Pops” (Common, Pops Belief)

“I pray that we all get to share longevity, and tell Dr. Sebi n***** still wasn't ready.” - Blu & Exile (To the Fall, But Not Forgotten)

"Heavy, brain food like Doc Sebi, they crucify the prophets cos the information's deadly." - Rass Kass (Opioid Crisis)

“Take them meatballs off your spaghetti, Rest in peace to Dr. Sebi.” - Dizzy Wright (Alkaline Diet)

The Journey Continues

“I never believed that I would find myself in front of an audience having to talk about a subject that we all once knew.” - Dr. Sebi.

Dr. Sebi paved the foundations for a movement that cannot be stopped. Bio-electric alkaline food sustains us through the past, present, and future. Dr. Sebi’s work is still inspiring, influencing, and nourishing the next generation of health-conscious individuals.

In these challenging and unpredictable times, we have to be more vigilant about our health. Mental health is constantly compromised by negative messages, standard diets do not align with our body’s needs, and we forget to disconnect from technology and be more present with ourselves and loved ones. We’re eternally grateful that Dr. Sebi left behind wisdom and knowledge to guide us through the chaos.

The simplicity, power, and effectiveness of Dr. Sebi’s methods ensure his work will continue to grow. We will reach even more people with content designed to heal and uplift. We will ensure you have access to the highest quality natural herbs that Dr. Sebi loved to use for vitalizing our health.

Sharing Dr. Sebi’s Success

“It’s been a journey but it's been nice because it was like a test.” - Dr. Sebi

If we look at the journey of Dr. Sebi’s life as a test, we feel the continued growth and success of Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food is a testament that he passed with flying colors. Thank you for choosing to support Dr. Sebi’s work and his products, and investing the time and dedication to your own health and wellness.

In dedication to the loving memory of our dear friend and teacher, Alfredo “Dr. Sebi” Bowman.

May Dr. Sebi Rest In Peace knowing he continues to heal the nations and inspire the world to be healthier, happier, and more loving. Dr. Sebi’s passion was healing, and your vitality contributes to his success and your own.

With love, and deep appreciation, your dedicated team at Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food.

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