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Motivation Gets You Started… (January 2022) - Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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Discover the secrets of sustained motivation, and harness the hormones that drive your success.

Toxins and inflammation impact the natural balance of hormones critical for motivation, happiness, contentment, and taking action. Restore your ability to maintain motivation by removing the impurities that wear down your enthusiasm for change with the Happy New You Package.

"Healing has to be consistent with life itself. If it isn’t then it’s not healing. The components have to be from life!" - Dr. Sebi.

What is Motivation?

A bit like gravity, motivation is a force that pushes you in a certain direction. Defining your personal goals allows you to direct this motivational force so you can achieve them. Let’s say you have a goal of ‘exercising for 30 minutes every day,’ your motivation empowers actions that will help you achieve this goal. This is the basic idea, but unfortunately, it’s rarely this simple.

We have conflicting desires that pull us in different directions. Many of these desires are driven by subconscious motivations (in other words, we’re not consciously aware of them).

If, for example, you had any stressful or traumatic experiences associated with exercise (for example, a negative experience of school sports), then your subconscious mind creates a barrier to avoid re-living these painful emotions. This subconscious barrier directly conflicts with your goal of exercising every day.

Many people define goals to benefit their health and wellness (like eating alkaline), then contradict the goals with their actions, like they just forgot. In reality, the subconscious mind hasn’t forgotten, it just prioritized the goal to be ‘emotionally safe’ over the goal of ‘getting more exercise’.

So, if you want to ensure your conscious goals are stronger than your subconscious barriers, what can you do?

Motivational Awareness

Understanding your own motivation, or lack thereof, needs a little bit of math:

[Conscious thing I want to do] – [subconscious barriers that stop me] = [my motivation level]

Your mind does this calculation every time you think about taking a step towards your goal. Each day’s calculation is different because today's triggers, emotions, and stresses are added into the equation. Imagine you’re really enjoying a new exercise class, making friends, getting fitter, and feeling good. Then one day, a careless comment from a loved one about your clothes looking “too tight” seems to destroy your motivation.

Unfortunately, since this motivational math is done outside conscious awareness, we rarely notice our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors change until we’ve slipped far off course. The key is to develop your moment-to-moment motivational awareness by questioning the subconscious mind about the equation it’s performing. This can reveal hidden emotional aspects that need to be dealt with.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

1. Increasing the strength of the goal:

  • What immediate benefits will achieving this goal bring me?
  • What positive emotions do I experience when working towards this goal?
  • What long-term benefits will achieving this goal bring me?
  • What positive emotions will I experience when I achieve this goal?

2. Decreasing the strength of the avoidance:

  • What negative emotions put me off working towards this goal?
  • What excuses might I make to avoid this goal?
  • What past experiences could impact my motivation?
  • What tricks has my mind played before that has slowed or stopped my progress?

Asking yourself these questions will put you back in charge of your motivational force! You can enhance motivation even more by taking charge of your hormones.

Hormonal Motivation

Your body relies on hormones to communicate internally. You might want to get up at 7 AM for yoga, but if you’re lacking the critical hormones you’ll probably stay in bed, and feel guilty later.

You need a DOSE (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins) of your own hormones to generate optimism, drive, desire, focus, energy, and the motivation needed to achieve your goals. You can boost these hormones naturally in a variety of ways.

Dopamine is the creativity and concentration hormone that makes you want to get up and go. This is the main motivation hormone, and it’s destroyed by social media. Technology is designed to give you little dopamine hits using sounds and visual notifications (e.g. when somebody likes your post). These easy dopamine hits shortcut the natural hormonal reward you would get from achieving something meaningful in your life.

The Solution

  • Try a digital detox for 24 hours to reinstate your inner reward system (if you react negatively to the idea of 24 hours without your devices, you’re probably more addicted than you realize).
  • Make a to-do list of all your tasks, and give yourself a little dopamine hit as you check off each one.
  • Celebrate achievements to enhance the dopamine reward.
  • Break big goals into small steps (e.g. put on sneakers to go for a walk) so you get more dopamine ‘checks’ to increase motivation.

Oxytocin reduces stress and boosts feelings of contentment. It helps us feel loving and generous towards ourselves and others. Encouragement, compliments, and support from others boost this bonding hormone, and just one minute of positive social interaction can fill you up for the day.

The Solution

  • Enhance your oxytocin by appreciating yourself and others.
  • Helping other people achieve their goals naturally enhances your desire for personal success.
  • Buddy-up with people to share mutual support.

Serotonin drives a sense of inner satisfaction, self-esteem, and confidence - it also lowers cortisol (the main stress hormone).

The Solution

  • Being in nature boosts this happiness hormone.
  • Having purpose in life and the reasons behind your goals also increases your fulfillment.
  • Expressing gratitude and saying thank you also build up this critical component of your motivation.

Endorphins create a sense of determination to succeed. They boost your mood and reduce physical pain while making it easier to concentrate.

The Solution

  • Increase your endorphins with fun activities including laughter and play.
  • Music, breathing deeply, and movement also naturally boost endorphins - making it easier to keep going when things get tough.

Herbal Motivation

Unblock your ability to generate motivation by clearing out the toxins, chemicals, mucus, and waste stagnating in your gut. If your gut can’t function effectively, you have a very limited chance of maintaining the drive needed to succeed. Inflammation drains your energy, making it even harder to put effort into making the positive changes you desire.

Give yourself a helping hand, and enhance motivation naturally with the Happy New You package. Containing five powerful compounds, this unique package delivers the energy, desire, and motivation to achieve your toughest goals. Open up a new doorway of opportunity with a supportive set of hormones enhanced by a Happy New You.

Motivation isn’t magic, it’s the mathematical result of past experiences, emotions, and intentions. Don’t let life hold you back! Clear out the past and shape your future. Are you ready for a fully motivated, Happy New You?

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