Seasonal Shift: Time to Adapt and Let Go! (November 2020) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food - Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Seasonal Shift: Time to Adapt and Let Go! (November 2020) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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Fall can be seen in leaves, trees, berries, and seeds. Birds are migrating and mammals are stocking up for winter. Aligning with Mother Nature's seasonal rhythms puts you in the flow of life, not fighting against the cosmic procession.

Signs of the Times
Fall, in the Northern Hemisphere, means the duration, and intensity, of sunlight decreases, so plants adapt. Altering leaf-color, reducing green-pigment (chlorophyll) while increasing red, orange, and yellow-pigments, helps plants 'harvest' light at different frequencies.

Berries adorn hedgerows, providing powerful antioxidants, flavonoids, and phytonutrients. Seeds disperse new life and provide long-lasting nutrition. Mushrooms 'fruit' in the cooler-wetter conditions, while flowering ivy keeps pollinators fed during this nutritionally abundant season.

As light levels drop, leaves turn brown, and fall to the forest floor - returning nutrients to the soil, insects, and microorganisms. Nature relies on these cyclical changes; fall is a time to 'let go of the past' and 'lighten your load' making room for new growth in the spring. What would YOU like to let go of?

Habitual Addiction
The mind is like a garden. The plants ('thoughts') we water, and nourish, grow more than those we ignore. Without mental pruning, we repeat ('water') and energize ('nourish') negative thoughts, bad habits, and addictive patterns.

Rumination (dwelling on the past), guilt, complaining, gossiping, judging, and criticizing are 'weeds' in the mind - strangling positivity and mental growth. Reducing these unhelpful mental habits, helps us create a 'compost-heap' of nourishing wisdom for the future seeds we sow.

Letting go of anger, hurt or pain frees-up energy for love, joy and hope. Forgive yourself, and others, for past misgivings. Changing the past is impossible, but choosing to forgive the person (not what they did), is inside your control. Can YOU forgive yourself to make room for more self-love?

Feed the Flowers
Childhood experiences form our foundational food-psychology. Unfortunately, significant experiences are neurologically programmed before we have the language, or maturity, to understand what's going on. As newborns, our need for food is life or death; and we continue to feed this psychological-food-emergency into adulthood.

Self-inquiry and self-esteem go hand in hand. Understanding the past, forgiving mistakes, and learning from them, helps you let go, and grow. The next time you are tempted to eat something you know does not really support you, ask yourself "Why do I want this?". Don't judge the answers; just listen to the voice of the child-inside who may, emotionally, feel like they could literally die.

Unless you weed-out emotionally-conditioned food-responses they 'run' in the background of your mind. In stressful situations ingrained programs (merging maternal-love and comfort with food) are triggered. To develop a positive relationship with food (not relying on it for emotional support, boredom, or instant-pleasure) you need to identify, dig-up, and compost, unconscious programmed responses.

Choose to Change
Fall is traditionally a time for mental and physical purification (detoxing, cleansing, and fasting). Harness this season's energy by choosing something to let go of. Choose a single, powerful, action to take that will free your mind, and body, to flourish this fall. What will YOU do?

Dr. Sebi's Small Cleansing Package provides powerful synergistic herbs that encourage you to let go of the toxins, damaged cells, and impurities that hold you back. Reduce inflammation, eliminate mucus, expel chemicals, and cleanse on a cellular level. Dr. Sebi's Bromide Plus cleanses you but also replenishes minerals, enhancing oxygenation, and re-stocking cellular nutrition.

This Fall, decide to let go of a habit, addiction or mental program that doesn't serve you. Purify your mind and body. Dr. Sebi said "Healing needs nurture; healing needs an understanding of nature." Nurture your mind with loving self-talk, self-acceptance, and self-praise to feed the flowers flourishing, and seeds sprouting, in the garden of your mind.

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