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Shining Light From The Heart (February 2022) - Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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The heart is much more than just a pump. Empower your natural wisdom, and learn how to shine with more love, and light, directly from your heart.

The heart contains a mini-brain of 40,000 neurons, gives off light, and generates powerful electromagnetic fields. Ensure your heart can ‘shine’ by nourishing it with important bioelectric minerals. Dr. Sebi’s Green Food Plus provides the raw building blocks for a healthy heart that can receive and radiate the light of love.

“Once you love you, you love the whole world. It’s delicious to love everybody, and everything.” – Dr. Sebi.

Role of the Heart

Modern medicine regards the heart as a physical ‘motor’ or pump for the body. The heart’s contractions squeeze blood into different compartments and push it around the body. But, our ancestors knew the heart was also home to a different kind of intelligence than our brains possess.

Ancient Egyptians believed the heart housed the soul, making it the most critical organ to preserve during mummification. Greek and Roman philosophers believed the warmth of the heart fosters our connection to the inner sense of ‘self’.

The heart has also symbolically represented love for millennia, and the latest scientific discoveries about the true nature of the heart back up this association. It is the heart that creates our emotional connection to others, can guide our decisions, and even has the power to 'light up’ our lives.

Coherence and Communication

Nearly three decades of research and over 400 studies have shown that the heart is in charge, not the brain. The heart sends 5,000 times more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. The heart is responsible for understanding and interpreting the environments and people we encounter.

Unfortunately, a combination of bad habits, lack of emotional understanding, and poor nutrition is getting in the way of us understanding the heart’s profound wisdom. We ignore our own intuition and disregard the significance of our emotional wisdom. It’s no surprise heart disease is the number one killer; we’ve forgotten how to take care of our hearts.

When the heart and body work together as a single team, they’re in ‘coherence’. Simple meditation practices strengthen coherence and improve electrical communication within this emotional guidance system. When coherence between the body and heart increases, your body operates more efficiently and your emotional state is more balanced and easier to interpret.

By aligning your physical, mental, and emotional systems (as a single team, not opposing forces), you can tap into a deeper sense of intuitive guidance. This simple but intense emotional shift creates more compassion, clarity, and confidence.

Coherence is essentially communication; helping your heart and body respond effectively to both the dangers and joys of life. The electromagnetic fields generated from the heart extend for 10 feet in every direction from the body and influence your perceptions, emotions, sociability, intuition, and everyday health.

Love and Light

Researchers at a German University detected photons of light being radiated by the heart. They discovered that an ‘average’ heart emits 20 particles (photons) of light per second. But, during heart-centered meditation, this increases to over 100,000 photons per second - enough light to be visible by the naked eye. We literally give off light from the heart when we experience love.

This remarkable 5,000% surge in light energy also helps explain why collective meditation is so powerful. Group meditation has an impact on the whole of society, driving an immediate local reduction in crime and antisocial behavior. Individually, and collectively, the experience of compassionate meditation creates light.

The method to achieve this radical shift is ancient and simple. Place your attention on the heart (as if you were putting the ‘mouse cursor’ of your mind there) and imagine your whole heart filling with pure white light, that you can shine outwards as love towards an individual, group, or the planet as a whole.

Light and Bioelectrical Energy

The amount of light emanated by the heart is enhanced by feelings of compassion and care for others. Meanwhile, negative thoughts, low mood, miserable people, energetically draining environments, ‘dirty’ electricity (discharged from overhead cables) and electromagnetic pollution (e.g. cell phone towers and wifi) reduce this light emission.

Messages of misery from news and media also diminish our natural ability to shine, making us more prone to disease and sickness. Heart disease, elevated blood pressure, fibromyalgia, and many more circulatory conditions are made worse by the negative emotional messages our heart receives.

Fortunately, when we reconnect with the people, places, and plants that enhance the light and love inside us we are able to shine much brighter than before. Feel your way into better choices and more emotional balance by supporting your heart. Awaken to the best version of yourself by shining the light of intuitive wisdom on your daily decisions.

Enhancing the Heart

When you enhance coherence with proper nutrition and heart-felt meditation, you can expect some dramatic improvements. Studies involving 10,000 people meditating on the heart for just 15-20 minutes a day found the participants experienced:

  • Better mental focus
  • Higher quality sleep
  • Feeling calmer with less anxiety
  • More energy and less fatigue
  • Better mood and less depression

Minerals are critical for creating electrical currents (electricity doesn’t flow in distilled water). If you are minerally malnourished (due to our impoverished soils and fake foods), then the heart can’t function effectively. Without the correct balance of alkaline minerals, it’s simply not possible for the heart to shine its brightest light. Dr. Sebi’s Green Food Plus provides a powerhouse of the plant-based elements needed to truly light up your life with love.

Moving from a state of emotional stress, and inner chaos, to coherence, and intuitive inner wisdom, balances emotions and helps life flow more easily. Empower your creativity, and shift into energized states of joy, patience, and clarity by enhancing your heart with meditation and minerals. Green Food Plus feeds your heart and soul.

Trust that your heart knows how to guide you, and build it up with light and strength, to access the best version of yourself. Listen closely to hear the whisper of wisdom emanating from deep inside your chest. What is your heart saying today?

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