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Turning Your Healing Crisis Into A New Beginning

You have advanced detoxification processes that accelerate healing. Unfortunately, symptoms of this super-charged cleansing can be misinterpreted. By understanding what's happening, you can enhance your ability to process toxins, turning a healing 'crisis' into an opportunity.

What is a Healing Crisis?

We often accumulate toxins faster than we can process and eliminate them. This is due to the volume of toxins in our environment, immune suppression, bio-energy deficits, and mineral malnutrition. The body needs quite a lot of nutritional, and energetic, resources to safely manage toxicity.

Fortunately, the body can 'hide' toxins, preventing them from damaging cells, until there are enough resources for detoxification. The 'healing crisis' is a powerful immune response, like a super-spring-clean, that can only be initiated when the body has enough nutrients, and energy, to get thoroughly clean!

How do we Heal?

The immune system purposefully elevates body temperature to remove toxins and mucus (like washing dishes in hot water instead of cold). Localized 'fever' can also enhance healing in a specific area. The temperature elevation also makes the body less hospitable to pathogens and parasites.

But, acidic bodies can't initiate the fever needed to catalyze the cleanse; the body must be in an alkaline and nourished state. The symptoms of a healing 'crisis' indicate something positive is happening inside:

  • Sensation: Body ache, headache, joint ache (toxin mobilization).
  • Digestion: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea (purging, less gut activity).
  • Discharge: rash, flaking skin, runny nose, congestion (toxin excretion).
  • Temperature: fever, chills, sweating (pyrexia - 'making heat').
  • Mind: anxiety, mood swings, irritation (brain inflammation)
  • Energy: weakness, lethargy (low blood pressure, immune activation)

It can be counterproductive to attempt to reduce body temperature with medications, they can stop detoxification and can worsen symptoms.

Feeling Toxic or Emotional

As stored toxins are mobilized into the bloodstream, before elimination, they cause symptoms. The fever, induced by the immune system, also causes bacteria to die off, releasing inflammatory endotoxins.

This temporarily elevated toxicity can cause previously resolved conditions to return (as the body processes 'old' toxins). This return of old symptoms, and transitory health decline, can feel like a backward-step in the healing journey (especially when childhood illnesses re-appear).

Emotional toxins are also purged during this deep cleanse. This means for no 'apparent' reason people are overwhelmed by feelings of anger, grief, and fear. Suppressed trauma and 'acidic' emotions are, just like toxins, re-experienced before elimination, releasing emotions previously 'locked' into the body.

Nutrient Accessibility

To release stored nutrients, the immune system enhances internal cellular recycling (autophagy) and also recycles whole cells that are damaged (apoptosis). This breaks down fat cells and diseased tissues, including precancerous and cancerous cells.

Hormones limit blood flow to the digestive system, reducing appetite, and increase blood flow in vital organs to protect them from toxin damage. Fasting during a fever helps your body divert energy to healing while preventing additional toxin release from undigested food.

Healing Recovery

The shift in toxicity, and reduction in inflammation, helps the body more easily identify abnormal cell growth (like cleaning dirt off the windshield). After the 'crisis' has resolved (typically 3-days) there is no return of old symptoms, and quality of life, and health, is significantly improved. The immune system is strengthened and hormones, metabolism, and neurotransmitters are re-calibrated and harmonized.

Help your body process toxins, and enhance immune function, by providing the additional micronutrients and minerals uniquely formulated in Dr. Sebi's Green Food. Enhance blood-purification and toxin processing with Dr. Sebi's Bio Ferro Tonic. Support super-charged cleansing by alkalinizing and mineralizing your body, and ensure you flush out toxins by hydrating with spring water and Dr. Sebi's antioxidant-rich herbal-teas.

The 'healing crisis' is Mother Nature's way of removing the obstacles to your good health. Nurture your body to initiate its most powerful rejuvenation processes, then trust vis medicatrix naturae (the healing power of nature).