Have you checked your "engine" fluids? (June 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food - Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Have you checked your "engine" fluids? (June 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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The engine in your car is designed to run with the right set of fluids, but have you thought about what you're feeding your “engine”?

You’re filled with 90 pints of liquid from 22 different fluids. Body fluids provide critical protection, nutrition, cleansing and lubrication, but half of all adults have an imbalance. Learn how to replenish your fluids, prevent retention, and eliminate excess.

Dr. Sebi’s Booster Package systematically restores fluid balance in your body. Synergized adaptogenic herbs accelerate cellular rejuvenation and provide the minerals and phytonutrients needed for optimized alkaline health.

Fluids of the Body

Your body is 60% water and produces many fluids. Minerals, nutrients, and biological substances are combined with water for lots of different functions:

  • Aqueous humor (fills eyes, creates round shape, protects lens).
  • Bile (digests fats, detoxes, made in the liver, stored in the gallbladder).
  • Blood plasma (clear liquid part of blood, 55% of total body fluids).
  • Cerebrospinal fluid (cushions brain and spine, removes waste).
  • Chyle (mixture of lymph and digested fats, transports nutrients).
  • Exudates (discharge from wounds and inflamed tissues, aids healing).
  • Gastric juice (digestive fluid made in the stomach, dissolves food).
  • Liquor Puris (pus drains white blood cells and bacteria from infections).
  • Lymph (carries white blood cells, nourishes cells, removes waste).
  • Mucus (protective, produced in response to acid, removes toxins)
  • Pericardial fluid (heart lubricant, prevents chambers sticking together).
  • Peritoneal fluid (abdominal lubricant, prevents organs from sticking together).
  • Pleural fluid (lung lubricant, prevents lungs and chest cavity sticking).
  • Saliva (lubricant for tongue, mouth, and teeth, initiates digestive process).
  • Serous fluid (fills between organs and their outer protective membranes).
  • Seminal fluid (protects and nourishes sperm, made in the prostate gland).
  • Sputum (thick mucus made in the lungs, coughed up to remove debris).
  • Synovial fluid (thick liquid inside joint cavities, solid under pressure).
  • Sweat (salty liquid, cools the body, expels toxins, we make 2 pints a day).
  • Tears (eye lubricant, removes irritants, secretes emotional metabolites).
  • Urine (removes metabolic waste from the blood, kidneys make 3 pints per day).
  • Vaginal fluid (cleanses and lubricates, comes from both cervix and vagina).

Two more special fluids are produced by women to protect and nourish infants:

  • Amniotic fluid (supports fetus to grow, and move, in utero)
  • Breast milk (food for infants, transfers immune protection)

Fluids & Leaks

You have an internal system that keeps these fluids balanced. Pumps (e.g. heart, sacrum, and detrusor muscle) push fluids down pipes (e.g. blood vessels, veins, and urethra) controlling flow with valves (e.g. hormones, minerals, and immune signals).

The ‘pipes’ are at risk of ‘corrosion’ as toxins damage the ‘glue’ sticking cells together. Leaky junctions let fluids seep between cells. Inflamed organs, malnutrition, and hormone disruption also disturb the balance. Swelling (edema) occurs when fluid gets trapped.

Try Dr. Sebi’s Booster Package to enhance detoxification, remove accumulated waste, and flush out the stagnant fluids your body has been retaining for so long. The Booster Package enhances your natural cleansing and regenerative processes to expel the accumulated waste dragging you down. Lift your mood, lighten your spirits, drop a few pounds and release a few pints with Dr. Sebi’s Booster Package.

Swollen Symptoms

Mild symptoms of imbalance include swelling, discomfort, and weight gain. Edema can occur anywhere, and the severity of symptoms depends on the fluid:

  • Blood Vessels: inflammation elevates blood pressure, plasma leaks into tissues.
  • Extremities: pooled plasma causes puffy hands, feet, arms or legs, the skin stretches.
  • Heart: Weak hearts allow blood plasma to leak into the lungs, abdomen swells.
  • Joints: Acid and inflammation cause pain and prevent synovial fluids from flowing.
  • Kidney: Inflammation of tubules (nephrons) elevates sodium, fluid accumulates.
  • Liver: Scarring (called cirrhosis) causes fluid to accumulate in the abdomen and legs.
  • Lungs: Fluids cause difficulty breathing and pain (pulmonary edema is deadly).
  • Lymph: Requires movement to pump waste and nutrients, lymph can stagnate.
  • Veins: Structural damage reduces blood flow and causes plasma pooling in legs.

Causes & Complications

Fluid regulation has natural variations:

  • Pregnancy: The body retains water and sodium so there is enough for the baby.
  • Menstruation: Estrogen induces retention, causing breast tenderness.
  • Temperature: When it’s hot we sweat more to keep the body cool.

It’s also disrupted by lifestyle choices:

  • Dehydration: Urine output, and blood pressure, reduce when you don’t drink.
  • Diet: Non-natural foods, high in sodium and toxins, impair fluid regulation.
  • Disruption: Endocrine toxins, from plastics, mimic estrogen causing retention.
  • Inflammation: Damaged cells exude fluids and mucus to help themselves heal.
  • Inactivity: Sedentary lifestyles create stagnation, muscle movement pumps fluids.
  • Malnutrition: Lack of nutrients causes structures to deteriorate, like rusty pipes.
  • Medication: Often drugs disrupt the fluid balance, addressing symptoms, not the system.

Although early symptoms are mild, if left untreated complications can develop. Prolonged edema results in increasingly painful swelling, difficulty walking, stiffness, stretched itchy skin, circulatory issues, and ulcers.

“Changes cannot be accomplished and will not be forthcoming if the diet has not changed.” – Dr. Sebi

Natural Solutions

There are effective ways to help your body manage its fluids, prevent edema, and drain excess:

  • Hydration: 1 gallon of pure spring water provides naturally ionized water.
  • Movement: 15 minutes of gentle daily exercise daily, regular stretching breaks.
  • Elevation: Raise affected areas above the heart (e.g. feet in the air) to drain fluids.
  • Nutrition: Avocado, banana, garbanzo, walnuts (magnesium and potassium).
  • Diuretics: Dandelion greens encourage urine production, expelling fluids.
  • Herbs: Cleansing and purifying herbs reduce inflammation and edema.

Dr. Sebi’s Booster Package maximizes your body’s nutritional status while enhancing targeted detoxification. Support the kidneys, bowels, and liver to flow with fluids, keeping you balanced and nourished on the inside. Feed your cells and reverse the damage caused by malnutrition and unnatural foods with Dr. Sebi’s truly transformational Booster Package.

If you make sure to keep the proper maintenance on your car up to date, why not give that extra care to your “engine”? Your body is perfectly designed to keep a healthy balance of all your organs and fluids. Make sure to feed it the right fuel and liquids to keep things running smoothly for years to come.

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