How to Keep Your Brain Young

How to Keep Your Brain Young

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Most of the time, when people think about the health of their brain, they consider it from a psychological aspect. However, assessing the brain as an organ and how it impacts us physically is also important.

Brain health hasn’t always been on the radar, although it’s just as important as the health of your heart, skin, and gut.

What we do know is that the brain is a complex organ, and how it functions affects all aspects of our daily lives. For example, consider how the brain helps you to 1) interpret different senses and control your movements, 2) maintain your cognitive, mental, and emotional processes, and 3) conserve behaviors and social cognition. Therefore, preserving the integrity of our brain health is necessary for navigating life situations.

7 Ways to Keep Your Brain Young

Aging is natural, and some physical and cognitive decline can come with that. However, your lifestyle can counterbalance that quite a bit. So, just like you work out to build stronger muscles, you also want to exercise your brain to maintain its proper functionality. This is known as brain fitness.

Brain fitness has two basic principles, which are variety and curiosity.

Think about how you learned a new skill and how it eventually became second nature to you. Some people will keep doing it the same way and not make any changes, but others will see it as a challenge to do it differently next time. The latter is an excellent workout for your brain! Just like you would switch up the exercises you do at the gym, you should do the same when exercising your brain because variety and curiosity are good for it.

When your brain health is optimal, you’ll benefit from good cognitive functioning, which is necessary for problem-solving, communicating, and making decisions. So, we will share seven ideas to help you attain your quest for mental fitness and, thus, keep your brain young.

Play Games

Did you know that there are games that can help you tease and challenge your brain? Brain fitness programs, like Sudoku, crosswords, and even electronic games, can help you improve your brain’s speed and memory. Such games require that you rely on your word skills, math, logic, and more to complete them. Plus, they’re fun! Just spend 15 minutes per day playing brain-teasing games to help improve your cognitive functioning.


Many people meditate to benefit from psychological well-being, especially when dealing with mental health issues like anxiety and depression. However, meditation does more than just help you relax; it also gives your brain a good workout. Meditating puts you in a different mental state, which engages your brain in new and fascinating ways. Meditation may actually thicken the prefrontal cortex, improving your decision-making skills, raising your awareness, and helping with concentration.

Eat for Your brain

Many people eat healthy foods for their waistline or to prevent chronic diseases like diabetes or heart disease. But did you know that you should also eat nutritious meals for your brain? Our brains need healthy fats in order to function efficiently. After all, 70% of your brain is made up of fat! So, be sure to include walnuts, Brazil nuts, and raw olive oil in your diet to ensure you get the healthy fats you need. Make a conscious effort to eliminate trans fats from your diet, as those aren’t good for your brain or body.

Turn Off Your Television

One study found that individuals who reported watching a lot of television daily in their 40s, 50s, and 60s experienced more significant cognitive declines than those who watched very little TV. In addition, the average person is said to watch more than four hours of television each day. Watching too much TV interferes with the time you’d spend building relationships, enjoying life, and exercising your mind and body. As a result, watching as little TV as possible is best, as watching too much may reduce your brain volume.


It might seem like physical exercise only helps build strong muscles and bones, but it’s also a great brain exercise. When you move your body, your brain has to learn a new muscle skill, estimate distance, and practice balance. Therefore, one way to keep your brain young is to try a variety of exercises so you can challenge your brain.


Another way to keep your brain healthy is by reading books. Reading consistently can strengthen the connections in your brain, enhance your memory and ability to focus, and could also help you live longer! You can access books for free at your local library and also look into getting portable books to explore interesting characters, information, and facts. While you might like one particular book genre, it’s good to branch out sometimes. Not only will reading something different give your brain a good workout, but it’ll also help you tell interesting stories to others about what you’re reading.

Train Your Brain

In the last few years, brain training has become a trend. More and more people are seeking various courses, websites, and books to learn how to train their brains to work better and faster. These programs can help with basic principles like memory, reasoning, and visualization. If you can work on these three things daily, your brain will be ready for practically anything that comes its way.

Habits That Affect Your Brain Negatively

We’ve named a few activities that could enhance your brain health, but what are some activities that could negatively affect your brain? It turns out that many habits you might have right now contribute to poor brain health. It’s not always apparent that the things we do and often see others do are detrimental to our health. In fact, some of the things that bring you joy, like watching television, turning your music up as high as you possibly can, or keeping to yourself, might be bad for you. Therefore, let’s explore a few of those habits and activities below and why changing them is so crucial.

You Have Too Much Alone Time

Having moments to yourself can be very beneficial, but too much alone time can have negative consequences. Humans are meant to socialize with others and develop real, genuine connections. Many people seek out platforms like Facebook to get their social quick-fix, but those connections are rarely authentic and satisfactory enough to meet our real social needs. Individuals with just a few close friends tend to be happier and more productive. In addition, they are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and brain decline. So next time you feel alone, make an effort to call up some friends or meet some new ones for the sake of your brain health.

You Eat Too Much Junk Food

Individuals who often consume lots of potato chips, hamburgers, and soft drinks are found to have smaller brain parts, especially in areas linked to memory, learning, and mental health. As a result, it’s better to eat foods that can maintain brain function and slow mental decline. So next time you want a snack, opt to eat a handful of walnuts instead of a bag of chips or other junk food.

You Blast Your Headphones

Many people don’t realize this, but blasting your favorite song, or any song, at full volume can permanently damage your hearing in just 30 minutes. Based on studies involving older adults, researchers have learned that hearing loss is linked to cognitive problems like Alzheimer’s disease and brain tissue loss. They believe this happens because the brain has to begin working harder to process what’s being said around you. Next time your favorite song comes on, make sure it’s no louder than 60% of your device’s maximum volume.

You Don’t Move Enough

The effects of a sedentary lifestyle are quite detrimental to the body but also bad for the brain. You likely recognize that not exercising regularly increases your risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, but it also ups your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. So while you don’t need to run marathons to work out your brain, you should aim to walk around your neighborhood or do another physical activity at least three days a week.

You Still Smoke

Most individuals recognize that smoking is bad for their heart and lungs. However, it harms the health of the brain as well. When researchers compared smokers to nonsmokers, they found that smokers had more brain volume loss in several areas. In addition, it worsens your memory and makes you twice as likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. You should also be aware that smoking may speed up brain aging and could thin the cerebral cortex. The cerebral cortex is necessary for thinking, learning, and reasoning, so keep it healthy.

You Overeat

Too much of even a good thing could still be bad. When you overeat good or bad food, your brain will have a more challenging time trying to build the strong network of connections needed for you to think and remember. Studies have shown that constantly overeating is associated with mental decline in older adults, so eating only what you need is best. Also, remember that overeating leads to conditions like heart disease and high blood pressure, which are linked to brain problems and Alzheimer’s disease.

Try Dr. Sebi’s Banju

On your quest to find different ways to keep your brain young and eliminate habits that negatively impact brain health, consider Dr. Sebi’s Banju. This product was created to nourish and cleanse the brain while helping the nervous system. It includes a variety of ingredients, like Elderberry, Valerian Root, and more, that are geared towards improving overall brain health. Let’s explore how each ingredient can improve your health.

The elderberry found in Dr. Sebi’s Banju is there to protect and nourish the brain, which ultimately enhances your neurological energy metabolism. Another ingredient, Blue Vervain, helps with emotional and nervous restoration, so if you’re dealing with anxiety and tension, this may help. The ingredient, Burdock Root, is there for purifying and tonifying the blood, so it increases iron and oxygenation. By removing toxins from the blood, it’ll naturally enhance the health of the brain.

Valerian Root is included to provide tranquility to the nervous system. By calming your nervous system, you’ll notice more restful and peaceful sleep, feel less irritable, and benefit from pain management. You’ll also find Bugleweed in Dr. Sebi’s Banju, which assists with detoxifying and nourishing your endocrine glands. Three endocrine glands are located in the brain, and one of their functions is overseeing energy metabolism. The powerful tonic in this product is there to amplify focus and cognitive functions, manage emotions, balance your nervous system, and protect your brain against oxidative stress. It’s the perfect product to add to your routine to improve your brain health. Nourish your brain and nervous system with Dr. Sebi’s Banju and enjoy better cognitive functioning and reduced mental tension. Your mind and body will thank you.

Care for Your Brain

At this point, you have the tools you need to help keep your brain young. You also can identify which habits you might have that are harmful to the health of your brain. Given this information, you’ll be able to appropriately care for your brain so that it can adequately take care of you. As mentioned in the beginning, your brain is responsible for several functions. When you compromise the integrity of this vital organ, you interfere with other areas of your life. You impact your ability to make critical decisions, use your senses, move your body, and even socialize with others. As a result, it’s necessary to exercise your brain so you can strengthen its functions.


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