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Natural Ways to Beat the Winter Blues (January 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

If you‘re struggling to sleep, you’re not alone. Sleep is pivotal for good health but easily disrupted. Discover simple ways to soothe your sleep, curb your appetite, and feel happy during the darkest days.

Why Winter?

In colder climates, many animals sleep through winter. ‘True’ hibernators, like bears, sleep soundly through the entire winter. But, many animals slow-down significantly, and just snooze through the worst of the weather.

Rodents, marsupials, and primates hibernate (fully or partially) to prevent starvation and avoid harsh conditions. Metabolism, movement, and heart-rate are reduced to conserve energy - groundhogs (large rodents) reduce their heart-rate from 80 beats per minute to just 4 or 5.

As the intensity, and duration, of sunlight falls; the growth and availability of plants diminish. This reduces access to fresh green nutrition. Lower light levels, less food, and cold temperatures send the signal to slow-down, shelter, and wait-out winter.

Human Habitats

In warmer tropical climates, there is no need to hibernate, as food remains plentiful. Humans gradually migrated from warmer to cooler climates, and we evolved some of the same hormonal and metabolic changes that slow the body down.

The seasonal changes preserve energy and resources. But, they create an internal conflict because we don’t have the option to simply ‘sleep’ through the winter. The disconnects between daylight, and artificial-light, cold weather, and home-heating compound this confusion, upsetting sleep regulation.

To prevent your body from going into pseudo-hibernation, stay connected to the sunshine and maintain your nutritional abundance. Dr. Sebi’s Viento provides the energizing nutrition needed to invigorate your body with powerful phytochemicals and rich-green antioxidants.
“The only thing I steadfast held to was the essence of Africa, the basic ingredients of Africa.” - Dr. Sebi

Sleepy Symptoms

During sleep, the body is cleansed, detoxified and re-nourished. A lack of sleep reduces the energy, and time, dedicated to healing, rejuvenating cells, and breaking down fat. The lack of natural light and interference from artificial light disrupts the sun-synchronized sleep-wake cycle. Light-sensitive people can experience both insomnia (lack of sleep) and hypersomnia (excess sleep) as solar stimulation of the sleep-cycle is lost.

Sleep is also temperature sensitive. At night the body cools, then the rising-sun triggers wakefulness as it warms the body.

Weary in Winter

The culmination of sleep-related symptoms has a significant impact on the body. Many people are unaware their mood and motivation are connected to the sun and season. How is the winter impacting you? 

  • Energy: tired, less productive, harder to perform mentally and physically.
  • Mood: mild-depression, unfocused, unmotivated, anxious, negative outlook.
  • Appetite: snacking, cravings and increased appetite, weight gain, less self-control.

Dr. Sebi’s Happy New You Package interrupts the vicious-cycles of toxicity, insomnia, depression, and lethargy. Shift into a new paradigm of health, happiness, and vitality this January with a spectacular opportunity to cleanse and refresh your entire body.

Biology and Behaviour

The natural signals to save energy drive behavioral changes. The production of hormones that help us wake-up, feel-alert, and move the body is reduced. This makes us feel sedentary, miserable, and unmotivated. Fortunately, by understanding how the body communicates we can re-establish our rhythm during these seasonal shifts. Do you ‘speak’ to your body in the right ‘language’?

  • Dawn: Watch the sunrise as often as possible to synchronize with the sun.
  • Dusk: Take time to see the sunset, and allow the softer light to nourish you.
  • Sun-light: Spend time in the sunshine during the sun’s peak hours.
  • Food: Eat extra greens to show your body the environment is abundant.
  • Fasting: Avoid big-meals and consider fasting to maximize energy, improving sleep.
  • Nature: Get outside, connect with green grass, trees, or vistas, breathe fresh air.
  • Movement: Sleep is deeper after the physical exertion of gentle exercise.

Natural Boost

Slip into sweeter dreams, and softer moods, this winter and saturate your nutrition with Dr. Sebi’s Viento. The energizing capsules are packed with phytonutrients that cleanse, oxygenate, and revive your body.

There are just 10 days left to purchase the Happy New You Package. This incredible package combines energizing Viento with Bio Ferro (blood and liver support). Plus Chelation 2 (powerful cellular cleanser) with Fucus (remineralizing adaptogenic detoxifying) usually only available in larger therapeutic sets.

Don’t slip into sadness, and avoid piling on pounds, let the light in, and feast on greens, to fuel your inner sunshine. Winter is a time to rest and reflect, cleanse, and prepare, ready for the coming spring. Support your biology this winter to ensure a Happy New You for the rest of the year.