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Fasting Your Way to Health Freedom (September 2020) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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Fasting is the most powerful way to reset your body. Damaged tissue, toxins, tumors, mucus, abscesses, cysts, and fatty deposits are eliminated during the remarkable immune system deep-clean that is activated by fasting.

Why Fast?

The fasting-state triggers immune processes that remove poorly-performing toxic cells. After 16 to 24-hours without food, your body begins looking for energy, so it engulfs and digests ('eats'), damaged cells, fats, and stored energy. It is natural to experience lethargy, headaches, fatigue, and weakness during this period when the body is adapting to burning energy stores, and mobilizing toxins for elimination.

Your immune system begins to seek out diseased cells to terminate them and re-allocate nutrients, this process is gradually accelerated, reaching a maximum rate after about 4-days abstaining from food. This 'tunes' our physiology, allowing only healthy cells to remain operational. Unfortunately, our nutritional-excess means we rarely spend time without food, so we don't activate this cellular 'autophagy' (self-eating).

Nutrients from the digested cells are recycled into new cells that perform better, and produce fewer acidic waste products, at the same time toxins are eliminated from deposits inside cells, and the gut. This dramatically reduces inflammation, improves metabolic responses to hormones, removes accumulated mucus, and can significantly improve your overall health.

Bigger Benefits

Resting the digestive system frees up energy and provides a break from bad habits. Prolonged fasting can also deliver profound states of euphoria, mental clarity, and rapidly improve your mood - as brain inflammation quickly reduces and gut function is enhanced.

  • Anti-aging: slows cellular aging, skin looks younger.
  • Attention: focused, aware, and alert.
  • Blood: purified and cleansed.
  • Calming: restores neurotransmitters.
  • Confidence: enhanced by self-discipline.
  • Detoxifying: expel toxins and heavy metals.
  • Emotions: break from food for comfort.
  • Endocrine: hormonal reset.
  • Gut Biome: bad bacteria die off.
  • Fat: mobilized, detoxified and weight loss occurs.
  • Inflammation: significantly reduced.
  • Intestine: elimination enhanced.
  • Lymph: waste and toxins cleared.
  • Metabolism: reset and optimized.
  • Mind: mental clarity increased.
  • Mood: enhancement and stability.
  • Organs: the opportunity to rest and heal.
  • Senses: heightened smells and tastes.
  • Stamina: enhanced strength and endurance.

Fasting resets, re-energizes, and restores your body, mind, and mood, Dr. Sebi said "I like to fast. When I fast, I'm better for her."

Fasting Timelines

Fasting requires abstaining from some or all food. While fasting the body must 'scavenge' nutrients by recycling cells, so it's forced to "recharge" from within. After 72-hours cellular recycling (autophagy) has increased by 350% - that's a lot of damaged cells being removed.

The length of a fast can vary depending on your experience and health. Longer fasts can only be done after successfully completing shorter ones. Cleanse before fasting to reduce toxic-load; making fasting more comfortable and reducing side-effects from toxin mobilization (headache, moody, rash, lethargy).

Fasting can be done regularly, a few days per week or month, seasonally or yearly, depending on your requirements. Start slowly and build up your tolerance, your body is stronger than you know, listen to what it has to tell you. Dr. Sebi fasted quite often, he experimented with multiple time frames and herbs that sustain the body.

Fasting Nutrition

While fasting, support your body with minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants to increase detoxification and ensure new cells are built with maximum nutrition. Dr. Sebi's Bromide Plus Powder enhances heavy metal elimination and delivers re-vitalizing nutrients to saturate new cells with balanced minerals.

Dr. Sebi's Green Food is energizing and naturally suppresses appetite while keeping the mind focused and alert. Dr. Sebi recommended Green Food while fasting to energize the body "that's all I had today, and I have a lot of energy right now."

Dr. Sebi also recommended Tamarind as a powerful antioxidant juice, in addition to hydrating with plenty of spring water. "You drink your water and your juice, and you take your green food. I have tamarind in Honduras, but here you have Apple juice, it's okay."

Practice Makes Perfect

Since ancient times humans, and animals, healed by abstaining from food. Fasting takes effort, but the rewards are astounding, and it gets easier with experience. Combine this digestive and metabolic rest with taking it easy, and getting lots of healing sleep. Find ways to fill your time and prevent boredom with relaxing activities and planned entertainment. Gentle regular movement, like walking, is encouraged, but don't overdo it or add stress to your body.

The toxins in our food and environment are causing inflammation and speeding up cellular degeneration, meanwhile cellular rejuvenation is being handicapped by over-consumption. Fasting restores the balance and removes toxicity, giving your body a break from digestion to redirect energy towards healing and rejuvenation.

If you decide to begin the process of fasting, it is important to pace yourself and listen to your body. Our specialized consultants are always available to offer guidance and support, contact us at, or call 1-310-838-2490 during office hours.

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