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Has Your Motivation Shut Down? (November 2020) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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The desire to grow, achieve, and take action is influenced by dopamine. But, brain inflammation and acidity trigger processes that shut down this 'mental motivation' to preserve energy, making it hard to get anything done.

Whose Mind is it?

The brain interprets information from all around you. What you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch is fed back for analysis and action. This mental assessment is done 'beneath' our awareness - the volume of sensory data would overwhelm the conscious mind.

Consciously we are only aware of the result of the assessment: for example 'Yes, it is safe to cross the road' (after the subconscious mind has done thousands of calculations on your behalf!). Toxicants impair this ability to correctly assess information (alcohol is the leading cause of fatal road accidents). Sugar and processed food are 'slower' toxicants.

Acid Thoughts

Brain acidity and inflammation also impair how we emotionally interpret information, often making us feel miserable, depressed, and anxious, with no motivation for even the smallest tasks in life.

"The acid state influences the brain and the central nervous system, it changes the image in your eyes, you do not see with your eyes, your eyes are only the lens that the brain looks through. What the brain sees, is what you're gonna see!" - Dr. Sebi.

Because we can't analyze our own subconscious mind, these 'inflamed' feelings feel very personal and permanent. Feelings of hopelessness, despair, and 'what's the point in life?' can highlight brain inflammation and a lack of neurological energy or nutrition.

Masking Motivation

Inflammation is the internal signal that something is wrong. This signal helps the immune system target and resolve damage or pathogens. But, inflammatory foods create a constant state of inflammation, draining the body's energy reserves.

The increased exposure to toxins from the environment, and non-natural food, create a 'chronic low-grade inflammation' which is common in all modern 'diseases'. The desire to tick off tasks, connect with friends, or even get out of bed, dramatically declines when the brain is fighting inflammation.

Manufacturing Motivation

Some toxicants impact the brain immediately, while others have a much slower schedule. This delayed impact makes it hard to see that something eaten a few days ago could have triggered today's foul mood. But, have you ever woken up feeling happier than usual, wondering why today feels full of more joy?

When you eat the nutritious foods on Dr. Sebi's Nutritional Guide and feed your mind and mood, balance is restored. As the inflammation subsides (just a few days makes a massive impact) and your mind has sufficient nutrition and energy, it will put you in a more motivated mood!

To help the brain regain its nutritional balance, bio-energy, and emotional positivity Dr. Sebi's Banju combines herbs that reduce neurological inflammation and enhance brain metabolism. Banju is calming and emotionally stabilizing while increasing focus and memory.

Feed Your Mind

"Real Soul food is food that enhances the Soul. Fruits, vegetables, grains, this is REAL food." - Dr. Sebi

When your brain receives the correct nutritional input, it 'assesses' life differently. Feelings of lack and distress are replaced with hopefulness and potential when your brain is bathed in nutritional abundance. Nature's nutrition has a re-calibrating effect on the brain, calming inflammation, and fuelling motivation.

Dr. Sebi's Viento calms the influence of addictive and negative thought patterns by increasing brain oxygenation and reducing inflammation while nourishing the mind. Viento enhances mental energy, revitalizes the body, and provides a breath of fresh air.

Forgive any food mistakes and find the motivation to take a step towards better health. Manage your mental and physical motivation with delicious natural nutrition. Motivation is built from positive actions, what you do today fuels tomorrow. What mood are you feeding for the rest of the week?

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