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The Magic of Movement (July 2020) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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Have You Enjoyed Some Movement Today?

The body relies on 'biological plumbing' to move substances from one place to another. It uses features like pumps, pipes, valves, and taps to distribute nutrients and remove waste. This system relies on both active, and passive, pumping mechanisms using salts, minerals, and your body movement to operate effectively.

Maintaining Movement

The body actively pumps critical fluids, like freshly oxygenated blood. But, others, like de-oxygenated blood and lymph, rely on contractions in nearby muscles, they have no active pump. This means that sitting still for prolonged periods reduces blood flow, and disrupts circulation.

Sedentary lifestyles were not part of Mother Nature's design; movement supports the system of biological plumbing. Stagnation of fluids means nutrients can't be received and waste can't be removed. 'Sitting Disease' is a public health concern, and escalating employer liability. Movement is not optional; it's a critical function of the biological system.

Mind-Body Benefits

Exercise is also beneficial for mental health, even a little movement can significantly improve mood. When we are active, the brain stimulates and rewards us with neurochemicals that feel good and substances that help the body function.

Mental pathways connecting the brain and body are reinforced by physical activity, keeping the mind supple, and retaining balance as we age. After exercising we also feel calmer, stress hormones are 'used up' and post-activity 'relaxation' signals are triggered.

Moving muscles is critical for their growth and repair. The body prioritizes cellular renewal in tissues being actively used. Move it or lose it! If you fail to use specific muscles, the body allows them to waste-away, presuming they're not needed. With physical activity, and a healthy plant-based diet supporting hormonal balance, it is possible to keep muscular strength into old age, just like ancestral populations did.

Alternative Activity Plan

Finding more opportunities to move is a foundational requirement for long term health. Dr. Sebi taught us that gentle activity, not high-intensity exercise, moves the body without creating stress or undue strain. Doing movement-based activities that you enjoy also releases different feel-good chemicals depending on what you do! What reasons to move would you like to enjoy more of?

  • Adventure (mountain biking, rock climbing, orienteering)
  • Connection (team sports, line dancing, partner dance)
  • Detox (rebounding, trampoline, Ping Shuai, hot yoga)
  • Discipline (martial arts, Pilates, calisthenics, ballet)
  • Excitement (skipping, skating, forest running, Zumba)
  • Happiness (yoga, tai chi, qi gong, dance, nature walk)
  • Nature (cycling, gardening, hiking, rafting, rowing)

Ready To Get Going?

If you are feeling sluggish or unmotivated it's just the current state of affairs. When you start moving more, by adding enjoyable activity to your day, the required physiological upgrade is made available. The initial effort is quickly rewarded with more energy, improved mood, and the motivation to move more.

Feeling mentally motivated, but physically tired, can be because excess mucus and toxins are stressing the immune system and clogging the circulatory system. Replenish lost energy by thoroughly cleansing the body and feeding your cells. Dr. Sebi's Small Cleansing Package contains powerful chelating herbs that drag out damaging toxins while replenishing cells and restoring alkalinity, helping you feel energized and motivated to move.

Dr. Sebi taught us that "the one thing that you want to do is to love, and that love should begin with you". Making time for 20 minutes of movement per day shows your body some love, and benefits quickly add up. Movement ensures your body can remove toxins and deliver nutrients and the brain provides an enjoyable cocktail of chemicals to encourage you. How will you get going today?

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