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The Time Is Now: Lifestyle Design (November 2020) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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Align Your Next Decision With Your Goals!

The majority of the Western world is unhealthy - absorbing a lot of toxins and very little nutrition. Living a healthy lifestyle (in a world that's sick) takes planning, dedication, and effort. Learn all about healthy lifestyle design.

What is Lifestyle Design?

When you design a life that suits you and your goals, it creates freedom. Most people's lives are the result of societal 'norms' and unexamined habits that we've adapted to unwillingly. Rarely do we stop and examine our lifestyle to see if it really meets our individual needs or objectives.

Media has filled our subconscious minds with unrealistic, and destructive, visions of success. We often don't know what we actually want for ourselves, as our minds are programmed with other people's desires. Success should be a personal measure, not just following society's expectations and toxic habitual patterns.

"I cannot use the yardstick of another because I am unique, like everyone else is unique."- Dr. Sebi.

Give Yourself Permission

It takes time to work out what works: experimenting, failing, trying again, and finally finding your way. Sadly many people don't allow themselves the time or energy to find what is right for them; we spend more time writing shopping lists than planning our own lives!

The following steps lead you into a more active role in your lifestyle design: planning and building, a life that suits you:

  • Assess: review your lifestyle and relationships. What's working, what's not?
  • Vision: what does your ideal life look like? Imagine the details.
  • Define: who and what's important to you right now and in your life.
  • Time: spend time meaningfully, schedule dedicate time to yourself.
  • Health: what behaviors support your wellness goals and what hinders them?
  • Effort: decide how much time and energy you will commit. set a plan in motion.
  • Goals: set realistic achievable goals. Start with something small and simple.
  • Action: even the smallest steps will take you closer to your goals. Small actions add up.

Clarity and Strategy

Once you define goals, you can create a strategy. Then by making daily choices that are in alignment with your goals, you will make progress. Small steps quickly add up, and with a motivating vision, anything is possible.

Accepting mistakes, and moving on is another key to personal change. We naturally take steps forward, then fall back, as we challenge habits of the ego and addictions of the mind and body.

Learn from your actions, forgive yourself quickly, and then move on with a plan to do better next time.

There is no failure, only lessons that you can choose to learn from. Each morning is a brand new start. Don't wait for Monday, the first of the month, or the first of the year to start over. The time is now. Align your next decision with your goals and start your healthy lifestyle design!

Healthy Lifestyle Design

You need to design a life that is low in toxicity and high in nutrition. You also need to support your body to clean, oxygenate, and nourish your cells with regular gentle movement and hydration.

  • Clean: avoid toxic food and products; eat approved foods on the Nutritional Guide.
  • Fast: daily periods without food and regular longer fasts help cells rejuvenate.
  • Nourish: saturate your body with minerals, phytochemicals, and plant-based nutrients.

Herbs that Help

Dr. Sebi's Small Cleansing Package provides the ideal kick-start for your healthy lifestyle. Rid the accumulated toxins that pull down your mood and stress your immune system.

Support your body to fast, and reduce your appetite with Dr. Sebi's Green Food. It provides balanced minerals and micro-nutrients that increase your energy, oxygenation, and cellular nutrition.

Calm the mind and body with Dr. Sebi's Nerve and Stress Relief Herbal Tea. It relaxes you and helps you sleep more easily, facilitating the immune system's nighttime restorative work.

Don't leave your healthy lifestyle to chance. Dr. Sebi taught us the simplicity, and profound results, of making conscious daily choices about food and trusting Mother Nature's panacea to accelerate our natural healing. How will you design your healthy lifestyle?

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