What are you weighting for? (February 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food - Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

What are you weighting for? (February 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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We gain weight when there is an excess of toxic substances that the body cannot process, so fat is created to store them. We lose weight when the toxins are eliminated, and the fat is no longer needed. Discover the real reasons we get fat, and explore the healthy lifestyle choices that make weight-loss inevitable.

Fat or Fiction?

Your body uses fat to make hormones; insulate nerves; protect your organs from impact, and build your brain. It also uses fat as a storage depot for substances that could damage the body. Most of the fat on our ‘modern’ bodies is not ‘spare energy’ waiting to be used; it’s a toxic dump for chemicals and excess glucose.
“Glucose is the underlying enemy. Whenever you indulge in glucose, it will be difficult to lose fat.” – Dr. Sebi

The alkaline fruit, vegetables, herbs, grains, nuts, and seeds in Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide will nourish, energize and sustain your body. Conversely, eating artificial, chemical-laden, addictive, and toxic processed food puts a strain on the body, especially the liver. 

Risk Management

Rapidly rising blood glucose (e.g. after drinking a soda) is dangerous for the body. So, the liver takes emergency action and converts excess glucose into fat for ‘safer’ storage. Toxins are also shunted into fat cells, to reduce the harm they could cause.

What is a Calorie?

The weight-loss industry perpetuated the metaphor that digestion acts like a fire. Calories are units of energy, measured by burning food until it becomes ash, and measuring how much heat is given off - this is not how your body works!

Intuitively you can sense that a large avocado is not the same as half a donut, but they have similar calories. The myth that calories are equal (or even relevant at all) means traditional calorie-restricting weight-loss diets deprive the body of nutrition.
“You don’t have to eat less; you have to eat right!” – Dr. Sebi

Weight Gain and Weight Loss

Many weight-loss diets do work initially, as the body is forced to use toxic fat for fuel, or starve. But, 95% of people put the weight straight back on, to mop up the same old toxins!

Weight loss can be mentally challenging as a result of the toxins it releases. When fat cells are used for fuel, toxins are emptied out of ‘safe storage’ and released into the bloodstream. Unless they are removed, these toxins cause inflammation, which reduces mental energy, makes us feel cranky, and ensures weight-loss is miserable. 

Natural Weight-Loss

Choosing to eat the alkaline ingredients, approved by Dr. Sebi, will naturally result in weight-loss. This process can be accelerated and enhanced by actively removing the toxins that are driving weight-gain. Cleansing the body using powerful herbal products is a reliable way to reduce toxicity. This is why so many people experience significant weight-loss as a ‘side-effect’ of getting clean. 

It Gets Better

Now you know the dirty, and toxic, secrets behind the weight-loss lies, you’re ready for the bonus benefits. 

Dr. Sebi developed products to tackle the root cause of our physical and mental challenges. This means resolving one root issue typically fixes many more symptoms simultaneously.

Committing to Cleanse with this exclusive package is one of the best ways to enhance your weight loss adventure. Don’t remain a victim within a system designed to make you fat, take action today with a powerful set of natural plant-based cleansers:

  • Chelation 1 is a cleanser that helps remove substances from the body, including heavy metals, mucus, and toxins. 
  • Chelation 2 is taken daily to maintain regular bowel movements, prevent constipation and inflammation, and promote healthy digestion. 
  • Bromide Plus, also known as Dr. Sebi's Infamous Sea Moss Formula, is formulated to provide essential minerals from the sea, such as calcium, iron, magnesium, and iodine to nourish cells. 
  • Viento is taken to improve waste removal and reduce heavy metal toxicity, improve oxygenation and respiratory functions and revitalize the entire body.

Clean up today, from the inside out and see rapid results. What are you weighting for?

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