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Nourishing Mother Earth And Your Body (April 2020) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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How Health And Nature Are Connected

The lives of almost 8 billion people depend on the resources of a single planet. Keeping Mother Earth healthy is critical for our wellbeing, and each one of us has a part to play. Dr. Sebi told us that "My ancestors afforded the one thing that the world needs most today, love and compassion." When we show love and compassion to the Earth, we are showing it to ourselves. We cannot be separated from nature.

Ecocide and Ecosystems

The air, water, and food we consume are produced by Mother Earth. This means human health is inexorably linked to the ecosystem we live in. Humans are sensitive to the impacts of ecological damage just like the flora and fauna being rapidly destroyed by globalization.

Natural ecosystems regulate everything from oxygen in the air, to the flow and purification of water through sediments.  Any damage to the health of the planet has a direct and quantifiable impact on human survival - air pollution is linked to 12% of global deaths, annually.

Eco-anxious or Eco-conscious

Eco-anxiety is the chronic fear of environmental disaster being experienced by an increasing number of people. This concern for the future of the planet, and humans depending on her resources, highlights that we've reached a tipping point in collective eco-psychology. 

Evolution primed us to act when facing immediate danger, but, made us less aware of longer-term threats. But, as conscious humans capable of more than survival, we are collectively waking up to the imminent environmental issues being created; becoming eco-conscious. Our eyes are open and we're ready for action. Dr. Sebi said when you "Love the world as your own self, then you can truly care for all things."

Abundant Resources of Nature

Most environmental issues stem from greed combined with instant gratification and inconsideration. Poor natural resource management creates pollution, malnutrition, and disease. Each one of us must take personal responsibility for what we use, and what we return, to the earth. Take less, waste less, make less mess, and give more back.

  • Air: Reduce fossil fuels (walk, cycle, and share transport), plant, or sponsor trees.
  • Business: Support sustainable, ethical, and non-polluting companies.
  • Energy: Convert to sustainable green solutions, like solar or wind.
  • Food: Eat alkaline, seasonal, local, and organic, grow your own herbs and plants.
  • Products: Choose quality products made from recyclable materials.
  • Water: Quit chemicals, reduce toilet flushes, capture rainwater.
  • Waste: Reduce food waste, consider composting food scraps.

Sustainable Environmental Solutions

Here at Dr. Sebi's Cell Food we proudly produce sustainable products that empower health. Our products are all-natural. We believe in supporting the natural abundance of Mother Earth while providing the finest quality healing herbs.

Dr. Sebi's Green Food was developed to harness the synergistic properties of herbs to heal and nourish. Immediately detoxifying, energizing, and uplifting, this powerful herbal combination elevates nutritional status to accelerate cellular healing in your own bio-nutritional ecosystem.

The current eco-crisis, created by unconscious greed, can be recovered with conscious consideration. Every decision you make either acknowledges or ignores, nature's vital role in supporting life. Let's heal Mother Earth, and our health, by protecting the incredible natural ecosystems all around us.

Join Dr. Sebi's Cell Food community to find out more tips about how can you take care of Mother Earth and your own health and wellbeing.

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