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Smile! Your health is showing (August 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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Oral health is defined by diet. Acidic diets strip your teeth of minerals, making them weak and discolored.

Discover how alkaline diets replenish lost minerals and rebuild teeth at a cellular level.

Teeth, bone, and blood share their mineral stores. Dr. Sebi’s Tooth Powder helps maintain optimal levels of calcium and phosphate ions to remineralize your teeth and strengthen gums naturally.

“The body is not made up of any alphabetical order, it is made up of minerals and when those minerals have been depleted by the presence of disease, it ensues.” - Dr. Sebi

Important Oral Care

Oral health includes your teeth, gums, lips, mouth. It also includes the good and bad bacteria that turn your mouth into a battleground! The mouth is a critical entry point to the body and gum infections can propagate pathogenic bacteria, or their toxins, throughout the body.

Bacterial toxins from the mouth can affect your organs and are linked to inflammation of the heart and its valves. We are beginning to see that poor oral health is associated with an increased risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other inflammatory conditions.

Our ancestral diets were low in sugar and rich in fiber – working the muscles of the jaw, scouring teeth, cleansing intestines, and feeding the good bacteria. Diets high in sugar and low in fiber create cavities. Sugar feeds bad bacteria - which secrete acid that dissolves tooth enamel.

Early Warning Signs

Oral health acts like a periscope into your body: if blood pH is too acidic, your teeth will tell; if bacterial balance is off, your breath will smell. Bad breath and tartar build-up indicate that the bad bacteria are winning the turf war taking place in your gums.

Bad bacteria dissolve your teeth to make themselves little ‘calcium cement’ homes to hide in! Plaque slowly solidifies into tartar as the bacteria steal minerals to build their own structures. Your saliva is the primary defense: delivering ions to neutralize the acid attack and immune cells that fight off the bacterial bullies.

Supporting your oral health will prevent minor toothaches from becoming headaches and more. Nourishing your mouth and gums stops infections from spreading and turning into systemic complications. Support your saliva with mineral-rich spring water and by staying hydrated.

Controlling Cavities

Cavities are small holes that appear in teeth when the enamel is lost (dissolved by acid). Cavities are the biggest oral health issue, with nearly 3 billion people suffering around the world! Fortunately, cavities can be closed naturally by eating a bioelectric diet that nourishes your enamel and protects your teeth.

“We eat electrical minerals. Does the carrot have minerals? Does spinach have nutrients? No. Yet people eat them for health benefits, not knowing they are non-electrical.” – Dr. Sebi

Remineralization happens when enough calcium and phosphate ions are supplied to the tooth. These ions are taken into the living tissue matrix and gradually fill gaps in the enamel - making it harder and less translucent. Teeth often look yellow as lost enamel allows the dentin to show through from the inside.

Nutritional Remineralization

Teeth lose minerals when bacteria steal them and when the blood borrows them. Blood alkalinity is so crucial that the teeth and bones both donate minerals when needed. But, we rarely eat enough minerals to pay them back!

Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide lists all the alkaline foods which will naturally nourish your teeth with minerals and feed the good bacteria so they can keep control of your mouth.

  • Leafy Greens provide calcium for enamel.
  • Apples and Pears neutralize acids in the mouth.
  • Strawberries remove stains to brighten teeth.
  • Water keeps critical saliva flowing in the mouth.
  • Coconut Oil is great for cleaning gums (oil pulling).

Often we need extra minerals to resolve prolonged deficits. Dr. Sebi’s Tooth Powder strengthens teeth and gums, combats dental cavities, and supports natural oral health. Formulated with myrrh gum, encino, and cuachalalate, this Tooth Powder provides minerals critical for your oral health and keeps your breath fresh.

Give your mouth the gift of organic alkaline freshness to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities. Your teeth are alive and need alkaline nutrition to grow and flourish - feed them so they stay strong for years to come!

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